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Oct 10, 2012 | My Creative Practice

Here’s what I’m learning (loud and clear these days)…….

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It is our very own heart, our spirit, our own internal compass that knows how to get us back to center yet we rely on something (or someone) else’s compass to lead the way. We put so much pressure on the external things to give us what we need without ever turning inward to see that it’s us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

Let’s get back to center. And when we’re there, let’s radiate, radiate, radiate so that we can all feel our collective vibe, our spirits, our warmth. This is our medicine to the world.

You are the one you’ve (and we’ve) been waiting for.

ps: Before I added words to this piece, I posted the above version on Facebook and Instagram and asked you to finish the sentence. I was astonished (and inspired) by your replies. Hundreds of them. A steady stream of gorgeousness. Thank you. I ultimately choose a phrase that is a derivative of the Hopi Proverb “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” – a phrase that so many of you referenced. It’s also a phrase that my good friend Myriam painted on her chest a couple of years ago. So much love and inspiration in this proverb, no?

pps: Prints are here. (Thank you)

Sending much love,

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  1. just jenn

    thank you once again for knowing exactly what i needed in this moment..everynight before i go to sleep i look at yoir prints on my wall and absorb the words inward…i am thankful for them at a time in life when i needed them…thank u for your glowing spirit of positivity…

  2. Diane

    So very true + a gentle timely reminder. I'm just reading your Flying Lessons (whole shabang) again as I'm coming out the other side of 3 yrs of grief after losing my parents to cancer suddenly (within a yr of each other) and your book is inspiring me forwards! Thank you for your beautiful work and words.

  3. Rebecca Renkas

    This is such a beautiful message on a beautiful piece of art. I wish I had know those very words 20yrs ago when I was in my early 20's not much self-esteem and wondering what to do with my life. Now as a grown woman with 2 teens and a loving husband, I am just learning this very thing and not looking elseware to fill the void. I have a wonderfull life with a beautiful family and I just finished your 5wk flyers course. Your course has changed my life, and has made me feel like I can accomplish my artistic dreams and dreams of all kinds. Thanks for showing me that I can fly high.

  4. CroppinSpree

    I couldnt agree more. Something I need to remember during those dark times. -Thank You

  5. Sandra

    I love the work in progress, too.. the first photo.. 🙂

  6. Stacie

    Kelly, beautiful post and new art…I have just started working with a visual journal as a tool to discover the unexplored aspects of my inner landscape. Much like working with dream imagery, using mixed media to visually and intuitively express the images behind our eyes and to lay them out on paper to 'see' what story emerges…is a tool that the inner world expedition leader can use to discover herself. I think a lot of people want to explore their inner world, but don't know how to do it…taking a journal, without any expectations of making great art, is a fantastic way to 'see' what's behind the our everyday actions and thoughts. As well as Susannah Conway's Unravelling course if expressing with paint and pen isn't your bag, and photography is more accessible or comfy…

  7. Kelly Zarb

    Beautiful post and it is so true we need to love ourselves before we can love another too. Thankyou for sharing kelly beautiful words I love how you speak your truth.

  8. christy

    speaks to me and my journey to find my centre and let my love shine out! thank you, she is a brave and beautiful messenger!

  9. Regina Gutierrez

    This is just exactly what I needed today. Tomorrow is my birthday and I always try to reflect on where I want my focus to be in the coming year. This post summarizes what life has been trying to teach me lately! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Anonymous

    This message speaks to the heart. How often can we say that with such certainty…..even to ourselves?

  11. kmlstudio

    Hello. I just wanted to say thank you. Your posts always seem to say exactly what I needed to hear for that day. As an aspiring artist I have lots of doubts, your words help to quiet them. Your journey is so inspiring!

  12. the turquoise paintbrush

    wow. so profound.
    i love the idea of looking inward, to our spirit/soul/heart…love love love.


  13. Andrea

    Kelly, she is so beautiful! Today I just wrote down my next babystep, one habit,I want to adopt in the coming days and weeks. And it is to get centred. So your post is the perfect message today! Love, Andrea

  14. Jude

    Kelly Rae, once again you've created an awesome piece that speaks to all of us. I love your heart, your art and your words. Thank you for your gift of knowing just the right words at just the right time! Love from Alabama!

  15. Dahlia Co

    I'm so blessed by your beautiful words. I know that many times, I feel inadequate, but it's true that we need to look within us and realize that we have so much more to offer ourselves than what the world can. After all, we are God's gift to this world and to each other. xo

  16. Suzan

    Oooo, like the Jung story of the cabin in the woods. I LOVE this, Kelly Rae.

  17. Amy Huff

    Feels like you're often the voice from the universe that I need. Thank you and this is gorgeous!

  18. Mary Ann

    love, love, love.

  19. June Maddox

    Language of the heart…meet Kelly Rae ROberts:)
    June Maddox

  20. Concetta

    Yes. Yes. Bless you Kelly Rae. xx

  21. Liesel

    You just have such I beautiful way with words, thank you x

  22. KaReN EiLeeN

    This was so perfect. I could always relate to thinking this way. Now, my life is different. It is an adult child that is breaking my heart….the difference for me is, once you have a child, your heart is never truly your own again….there is that piece of it walking outside of yourself….I want to get back to this place so much. I have a wonderful life, a wonderful husband, and a son that I miss so very much…being happy and finding happiness is a journey all your life, with many different paths…but you are so right…you need to remember that it is always inside YOU that you will find it.
    P.s. Never written anything so personal on a blog before….

    • Lovely Mrs E

      Karen, just wanted you to know I heard you. I share a similar pain and it's one that's often difficult for to explain and talk about it. Thanks for being brave.

  23. valeri blossom

    this is awesome. so true. so perfect.

    it's getting easier lately to align myself with seeking from and finding within what i need or think i need from others (because that rarely ends well, and the internal compass is the only thing that can direct us where we want to go).

    the flying lessons have been life-changing, btw. there are three big pieces of news i have but can't share yet but it's all transpired during the course and i have no doubt that the deep emotional plunge and mental purge helped usher in the new things and it wouldn't have happened the same way if i hadn't taken the course 🙂

    i won't link to the blog i wrote today because that's spammy but if you find the time to read it, it's a short + sweet testament to the wonder that is learning to spread my wings and i'm glad part of this journey is with your inspiration.

  24. Colleen Stone

    Thank you Kelly Rae. This is just what I needed to go to sleep with tonight. Sweet dreams my lovely friend!


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