I think of my website as my online living room. And just like I love rearranging my real life living room, I also love rearranging my website from time to time. It is, afterall, my home in online world. I want it to be cozy and full of beauty, inspiration, and stories.

With the help of the spectacular Leah of Leah Creates and Jessica Swift, I’ve got a new border, new background, new flowers on the sidebar, updated menu bar, and lots of new pages. Let me give you a quick tour:

 (A mama life – new page on the website)
I’ve been thinking (a lot) about my motherhood journey. When True turned 18 months (just last month), I began to feel, really feel, like I’ve come through a very specific journey of embracing motherhood. It is a story that has been unfolding for his whole life, one that now feels complete in some ways because I no longer feel like a brand new mama with brand new delicate mama wings. I’m so glad I wrote about my journey into motherhood – from pregnancy to those first many wobbly weeks to now. I wanted a place to collect the stories of my mama life in progress and so I created this page where the first 18 months of a very heart filled journey can live and be read by other mamas on the journey. We need each other and we need our stories.
(All things house – renovation, DIY, room tours)
While I was collecting all my stories about mama life, I collected all the stories about making our home (they happened simultaneously!) a cozy nest for our new family. I created a page that chronicles our home’s story from renovation process to DIY projects to room tours. For those of you interested in all the details when it comes to all things house, this is the page.
(New page featuring favorite art supplies, camera gear, and more)

This is likely my favorite new additon to the website renovation: a visual guide/collection of all my favorite art supplies, crafty books, printing gear, etc etc. I’m calling it Stuff I Love.

Have a peek around – feels like www.KellyRaeRoberts.com got a makeover.

Again, HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Leah for the design work and the coding work – she makes it easy for me. And HUGE thanks to Jess for the detailed design work as well. I’m lucky to have both of them in my creative business village.

PS: Working on a post about an extraordinary experience I had last week at Teahouse Art Studio in Berkeley, CA. Andrea and I gathered some women together. And as it always happens when women gather, it was amazing. Andrea wrote about the whole thing perfectly. 
We cut True’s bangs ever so slightly. His first hair cut and now he really looks all grown up. Wah.

Hi, I'm Kelly Rae Roberts!

Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint and everything changed.

Now I’m a full-time artist, author and Possibilitarian, who helps women explore and nourish their creative souls.

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