Really REALLY good day at Teahouse Art Studios

May 23, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress


The dream? Andrea and I wanted to host an event where we’d gather around a table with a collection of women, and simply talk about creativity, business, life, love. Super simple. Why? Because we knew that women + conversation + a dash of serendipity mixed in = awesomeness, belonging, sparks flying.

And that’s what happened.


The ladies at Teahouse Art Studio hosted our event and let us go a bit wild decorating for the gathering.  Above is Mati Rose up on the ladder, about to work some magic with paint and her gorgeous hand script.


The three of us (Andrea, me, Mati) had the best time decorating the space, putting together goodie bags, hanging up art, banners, inspiration lines on the walls, rearranging couches, rugs, etc.

Photo credit: Andrea Scher

There was a very real intention around getting the space ready for our gathering.

Photo credit: Andrea Scher
We took our time, we talked about what we wanted to invite into the
experience while setting the tables, while hanging up string lights,
while draping aprons on the chairs, while hanging up dresses on the
walls, while writing hope notes for each person who would be attending.


We wanted our new friends to walk into this space on Mother’s Day and be
delighted, to feel bright, to be greeted with color and light and

Photo credit: Stefani Renee
  Andrea wrote a post that perfectly describes the day. It’s hard to explain, but the intention behind this gathering was key. We put our hearts into it and wanted to create a very specific experience both for ourselves and our guests. It worked!



Show the world your magic – love this so much.

Sneak peek for tomorrows gathering. Decorated with @matirose and @andreascher

The day before the gathering, after we finished decorating, tending, and preparing, I snapped this photo  – a peek into what would be waiting for us and all the women who were to arrive the next morning. I love this photo – feels like a sweet surprise, like a glimpse of Christmas Morning.


And then they arrived and it was a delicious fest of conversation, amazing food, celebrations, meaningful discoveries, serendipitous moments – a collision of spirits built on the idea that this would be a collaborative experience, trusting that just the right people would show up.

Photo credit: Stefani Renee

And just the right people definitely showed up. They were kind, hilarious, open, sweet, rooted in all that really matters in life. I learned so much.
Photo credit: Stefani Renee
Photo credit: Nicole
Photo credit:Tracy
We all showed up. Not for a workshop, not to be taught something, not to instructed, but rather to share.

I have not taught a painting workshop since early 2010. As much as I loved it, I remember thinking it would likely be my last. There is something about teaching in the traditional sense that just doesn’t feel right to me. A conversation about all of this with Andrea is exactly how this gathering was born – instead of “teaching” or being looked upon as “experts”, we simply wanted to gather around and hear stories and share and talk to other women because both of us deeply feel that this is where the real learning comes for all of us – from simply sharing what we’re learning, what we’re struggling with, what we’re celebrating as women, as mothers, as daughters, as business owners, as friends.

I could go on and on. This is the kind of thing that lights me up. I don’t want to teach. I want to share.

nicole 2
Photo credit: Nicole

By the end of the day, I was in love with this kind of experience, the women, the day, the whole thing.

One of the best parts about doing this gathering at Teahouse was spending the weekend with Mati.  We lounged, talked, cried, read scandalous books together, ate, and had the best time working our magic decorating and sprucing up the studio.

I just adore that girl.

Goodbye California. You were awesome.

I took this quick self portrait in the cab on my way to the airport. Tired, but happy. Sad to leave, but blissed out from the long weekend. There was a deep sense of renewal that I received while in CA – best mother’s day gift ever.

Photo credit: Stefani Renee
 Andrea are so in love with this concept, that we’re taking
the whole thing on the road. Our hope is to travel to different parts
of the country and simply gather with women and share our stories, hear
their stories, and connect, connect, connect. There is so much wisdom,
clarity, and FUN that comes with connection and preparing for days like
the one we had with these women.

We can’t wait to do it again. We’ll keep you posted!

Sending much love,

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  1. Sheilagh

    Oh to be part of something so beautiful xx

  2. Jennifer

    I totally agree! I would definitely attend one of these wonderful gatherings.

  3. christine  grove

    PLEASE take this on the road. I would love to gather:) I am sure you would have an AMAZING response!


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