a deck, a vw bus playground, and some inspiration love

Jun 1, 2012 | Life in Progress

Current view of our back deck. Coming along! This was a giant mud pit two weeks ago.

Big stuff going on over here, including a huge back deck project that involved new roofs, garden shed, etc etc. A few weeks ago, this was a mud pit. And now, well we’re enjoying it and getting it ready for lots of use this summer. The area to the right is our back yard which is not very pleasent at all (new sod coming soon!) at the moment. I’ll share the full yard/deck project with you guys soon – the befores and the after and all the details. 

True's latest playhouse;)

True’s latest playground (while we wait for a new backyard) is the Orange Crush. Oh how he loves it and oh how we love having a nice long 20 minutes or so of him playing “the wheels on the bus” is a small, contained space. Bliss.

Some things, links, and loves I wanted to share for the weekend:

– Just had a session with this crazy talented, wicked smart wordsmith. I love connecting with people who are clearly in the center of their talent, their lives, their flow. Totally inspiring and inspired.

– Totally inspired by her series: The good, glad, and lovely. Just awesome.

– As one of the world’s introverts, this interview and video makes me love her so much. So very very much. I’m one of those highly sensitive people who needs a ton of quiet time. Too much feedback, sound, music, chatter = not so lovely for me.

– I’m all over this idea. Like, for reals.

– I splurged (so cute!) and splurged (so LOL) some more. 

Happy weekend, friends!

Sending much love,

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  1. trinity macrae aka divinely inspired

    Hi Kelly Rae, I've recently "liked" your fb page and clicked through to read this post – surprised and delighted to see you too are a HSP (highly sensitive person) as myself….I can relate!!!!! Here's to re-fueling in the quiet zone πŸ™‚ Trinity aka divinelyinspired

  2. Katherine Herriman

    Holy crap, would not have pegged you for an introvert! Have you delved deeper into Jung's theory of personality and done the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? Funny that after years of following your blog my first comment is about something so random πŸ˜›

  3. sonyamacdesigns

    loveN the perspective on this deck photo … there is a RISK taker in the family πŸ™‚

  4. Lindsey

    I loved Brene's interview with Susan, and likewise adored her book when i read it a couple of months ago. I'm a sensitive introvert too and suddenly I understood a lot of my own reactions and coping mechanisms in a new way. Love these links – so much good here! Thank you!

  5. Shahrul Niza

    Awww … True is getting handsome by the day. Hugs.


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