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Jan 10, 2018 | Life in Progress

You guys. I don’t even like cucumbers. Or celery. But I’ve been wanting to up my wellness game a bit with more focus on what I put into my body, especially after a few weeks of Holiday eating. Guess what? Ginger and cilantro go a LONG way in masking the taste of cucumbers and celery. I’ve been learning about all the toxins our bodies hold (Hello, mercury! I had NO IDEA!) and how a one day juice cleanse every couple of weeks can do wonders to remove the toxin build-up in our bodies.


John and I did our one-day juice cleanse and so far, so good. Every two hours we had a 16oz juice that consists of one cucumber, about 4-6 celery stalks, one apple, a nub of ginger, and a small bunch of cilantro. I’m not gonna lie. It’s not what I would choose for a yummy delicious juice, but I’m also not gagging or holding my nose. Like I said, the ginger and cilantro make it totally palatable for me.

Also, I just felt so empowered and GOOD about doing this for myself.

I fully expected to wake up the next day feeling CLEAN.

Of the 6 glasses recommended, I was able to drink five. I chose to eat a meal instead of having juice #6 toward the end of the day after a work-out.

Lessons learned: I am SO GLAD I’ve been keeping a self-compassion practice as part of my wellness efforts. I was able to give myself lots of grace for not completing the cleanse perfectly. This wellness journey is as much about self-compassion as soul progress as it is about making physical progress. They go hand in hand.

Next time, I won’t workout. I was feeling SUPER ENERGIZED and amazing throughout the day until about 5pm, after my workout. Makes sense.

I was in the kitchen every hour of the day. We have a slow juicer (Hurom HP slow juicer), which means it’s literally slower at juicing (an intentional juicing process) AND you have to cut all the fruits and veggies about the size of an inch for it to work properly. I love this! It means that I have to slllooooow it down, cut and prep and get all mindful and calm and take my time while prepping my juice. I love love love this idea of slow juicing, cooking, living, all of it. BUT next time, I’ll clear my schedule for the day – perhaps do it on a weekend day – and plan to read and only do things that don’t require full brain power and long stretches of my attention.

John’s body had a harder time with it. While I was energized and doing great, he was uncomfortable most of the day. This was something we were prepared for per our book (Medical Medium >> HIGHLY recommended), but it reinforced the idea of pretty much taking the day off to do this cleanse in the event of needed to rest.

Next time, I’ll add more ginger for taste. It really was the thing that got me through 🙂

My goal is to do a one-day cleanse every two weeks. I’ll keep you posted as I go along.

Here’s to slowly up-levelling our wellness plans. I’m taking this food thing as slowly and deliberately as I did the fitness thing this year. And I’m dosing myself with a sh*&ton of self-compassion along the way. Pardon my french.

PS: Many of you have been following my personal wellness journey (soul care! self-compassion! healthier food choices! fitness!) over the years, most recently my physical fitness journey. These practices have changed my life, and I know – deeply deeply know – that we can love our bodies (mind, body, and spirit) with conscious and intentional care, one small move at a time.

If you’re feeling the call toward deepening or expanding your own wellness path, consider joining my Possibilitarian Wellness Tribe. It’s a weekly wellness sisterhood rooted in loving accountability, check-ins, ideas, and inspiration to keep you inspired and motivated to keep showing up for yourself in small and big ways.

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Come join us. Your wellness sisters are waiting.

Sending much love,

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  1. Elsie

    Kelly Rae, love how you are doing this as a couple and not just you alone. Three cheers for John! ….even when he had difficulties! Also, that you gave yourself permission to not do the fifth one! What you do COUNTS, not what you don’t do! You go, Girl!
    Also, marvelous that you are willing to have a tribe join you in this venture! So, why am I not signed up yet? Wellseys, I am just starting a new well-being adventure with the Egoscue Method of balance, alignment and exercise to see what miracles happen to my Post Polio Bod! As this is intensive, I will focus there and possibly join in later! I love, love the photo of True and the juicer! You and John do such a fantastic job of walking your talk with parenting! Hugs all round and to your new Wellness Tribe! Hugs all’round!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you so much, Elsie!! We’d love to have you join us when you’re ready, and maybe share with us about the Egoscue Method?


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