What Dreams May Come by Tracey Clark

Jun 13, 2010 | Life in Progress

(tracey clark, photo by brene brown)

hi friends! while i continue to focus on my e-course, and moving into our next temporary apartment (while house reno continues!), i’ve asked a few friends to guest post over here in this space from time to time. their posts will be mixed in with my usual (though less frequent) postings these next three weeks. today, we’ve got tracey clark, founder of shutter sisters. she’s a woman who knows that the magic of life exists in the small details, the everyday blessings waiting to be cherished. i love this about her. i also love that she’s the woman behind i am enough – a perspective that quite honestly pushes me up against my own edges these days as i juggle what sometimes feels like an impossible amount of dreams, to-do lists, projects and on and on. i really need the reminder over and over again: i am enough. i’m lucky to have her in my life and i’m so excited about having her share a bit of her magic and wisdom with you guys today……-1(photo by tracey clark) Lately, I have been focusing on dreaming big. More so than ever before. It’s state of mind I’m enjoying being in as it feels a little like magic. I have found that my head begins to fly amongst the clouds as I drift and dream about the *big* stuff; places I want to soar off to and adventures I want to experience. I dream of super-projects and big pay-offs as I gaze in the sparkly horizons of the future. But what about when I get my head out of the clouds? What about when I land, feet firmly and satisfyingly on the ground? What do I dream of then? I’m not sure I’ve really thought about it. I got an email from my sweet friend Meg the other day that got me thinking. She shared her process of seeking and finding her passion for photography, her excitement and drive for getting her business off the ground, her enjoyment in seeing in thrive and then she shared that through it all she’s managed to find a balance where family comes first and work comes second. This doesn’t diminish her passion or progress with her creative work. On the contrary. She said that she will continue to ‘dream big and chase those dreams in the forms of lightening bugs and weeds, to breath deeply and exhale fully’. Those words, that epiphany, the beautiful, authentic conclusion that she came to was like poetry washing over me. I realized that when I think of dreaming big I often quantify big with the things out there. I’m delighted to be reminded that the things right here (my home, my marriage, my children, my daily life) are big too and in dreaming big I can create exactly what I want under this roof; peace, love, attention, order, routine, joy, patience, understanding, creativity, support, harmony….the list goes on and on for all of these dreams. I’ve decided to add them to Mondo Beyondo list because I’m realizing that dreams have no hierarchy. Creating a home full of joy is as important and lovely a dream as landing a dream job or even winning the lottery. Whether I’m writing a book, jet-setting for a shoot, or baking a birthday cake with my daughters, it’s all equally the stuff my dreams are made of. I encourage you to focus on ALL the dreams your heart desires; out there and right here. I want personally invite you to join me in the summer e-class I am leading called Picture Summer; a fun, photo-centric, perspective changing 30-day experience that will not only get you looking at things in a whole new light, it will keep your head and heart in a place of appreciation of your beautiful life. Right here. Right now. *********************************Thank you for today’s post, Tracey. ps – I can’t wait to take your class!!!

Sending much love,

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