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Mar 25, 2011 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress


* working on getting true’s nursery totally together. it’s taken a few transformations but i think we’re almost there. we just bought the above nursery chair from target. we love it! it glides and reclines and swivels and it’s got that old time vintage feel. true immediately responded with smiles and rolls.

* spent a whole day with leigh (aka curly girl) while she was in town for a product signing. totally adore her. we ate and chatted and roamed all day long and it was total bliss. wish she lived closer.

* been working a lot over here on all sorts of new artwork, product stuff, website stuff. sometimes i step outside of my vision for a moment and realize that i am running a full on small business over here. it’s a busy busy life and i absolutely love it. feeling really thankful for Dani (lovely studio asst) and for all the supports that help me do what i do.

* did i tell you that i’m going to hong kong next month? i am going to hong kong next month! i can’t wait to tell you why and how i can’t to meet some very special people. while there, i’ll be attending a traditional chinese wedding!


* john and i were talking the other day about how having a baby makes your heart feel like it’s completely exposed and stripped down. i’ve said this many times here before but it’s still so present in my life – the feeling like my heart is wide open, vulnerable 24/7. i’m still adjusting to all the elements that rush in when there are such cracks. i’m learning that this is what being a parent really feels like – a heart stretching/widening/opening experience. someone told me today that having a baby was everything that they didn’t think they needed. amen to that. baby true is everything, including that. what a gift.

* had dinner last nite with my new friend, alicia. we had southern comfort food at the screen door and closed the place down with our forever chatting. i really like alicia. i have a new friend crush on her, still.

* my parents arrive from florida today. i can barely wait for them to see how much he’s grown. i imagine lots and lots of grandparent snuggles this week for baby true.

* front yard restoration has begun! trees have been planted. bushes have been pulled. and off we go!

studio corner

* i wanted to say a deep thanks to all of you who have been placing orders this week. many of you have had trouble ordering as the shop is still experiencing some minor glitches. we are working on this issue constantly at the moment, upgrading our server needs, etc. for those of you who are having trouble, feel free to shoot us an email at kellyrae.orders@gmail.com with all the items you’d like and we’ll get you all squared away via paypal. for those of you not having trouble, fantastic! we’ll have the entire thing sorted out super soon!

Sending much love,

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