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Jan 20, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

“Just wanted to say thankyou. This has just opened up massive possibilities for me.”

“I know this course is going to change my life and it’s only Day 2”

“I have been so excited that I woke up one night and started working on stuff at 2am because you guys had my brain going, thank you!  🙂  I am all smiles.  That night I designed new gift certificates and already sold $150 worth…..so it is working, thought you girls should know!”

“I am loving the whole basis and energy that this class emits.  It’s an incredible amount of work that you  have put together for us, I can see that just after the first week.  I just love the energy and warmth that you both seem to manage so well to generate even over the net and also when we’re on the topic of business.  It’s refreshing, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable.  I am loving all the unearthing, learning, discovering, writing, drawing and all the while looking at this from such a different approach, one that makes so much sense though!  Thank you, words just don’t come as perfectly as I’d like to say thank you for such an incredible online course!”

“It works… It works… I have a mission forming!!”

“Stunning exercises.”

“Am loving every minute of the course. The audios from Day 1 blew me away and the exercises today are fantastic.”

“I ended writing until my hand hurt. What a great exercise!”

“I believe I’m at the right place here. I have been learning all about traditional ways of growing a business, but I always felt that something was missing. No one talked about the soul part. So, I felt alone, different and felt that my business will never grow, because I’m looking for the ‘soul’ part… Now I know it is possible!! Thank you!”

“Love, love, love this assignment. Answering the questions about my business’s soul self gave me insight into the very reason I took the course! Amazing to get what I came for on day one!
I have been so moved by this first day that I can’t stop writing in my journal.”


We’re closing registration TODAY at midnight PST. This is your chance. Come join us. It’s astonishingly amazing, important! All the deets here.

Sending much love,

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