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Oct 6, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

creative voice

the writing in her hair is part of the speech i gave at squam: the truest reward has been the inner joy that seemed to permeate my life once i acknowledged my creativity and gave it a voice. i made this piece in judy’s art journal class at squam a couple of weeks ago. she taught us many great techniques to use in the pages of our journals, but i applied them to this canvas piece instead in hopes of learning how to incorporate more techniques in my paintings. see that butterfly in her chest? it’s a transfer – thanks for teaching me that, judy! oh yes, she also showed us how to use our white gel pens to write over black squares in our journals which inspired me to write inside of my girl’s dark hair (which i love). i love learning new things and incorporating them into my paintings. and more than that: i love judy wise.

i arrived home from art+soul yesterday and immediately headed out the door again for another five days. i am trying very hard to stay grounded in my heart in between the chaos and movement of my life lately. and staying grounded in my heart meant spontaneously following john to southern california this week while he works at the hospital here. our hearts know the way – every single time.

charming journey

the classes i taught at art+soul went really well. i’m still recovering from sleep deprivation, chatty + frenetic conversations with my friends, book signings, vendor nite, meeting lots of new wonderful people, and giving it my all as i taught for the first time ever. in short, i’m exhausted. teaching taught me so many things that i’m still trying to wrap my head around, but i walked away from this experience ultimately feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity that glenny gave me when she asked me to teach (thank you, glenny!). the students, with their flexibility and tenderness toward me, had me feeling protected and well loved. they were also a funny bunch, super talented, enthusiastic and many of them kept me on my toes with good questions and ideas (i learned so much from them about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to demo’s, timing, and even products to use). even with all of the goodness, i do think that my gut instinct of not filling up my schedule with a ton of teaching next year was a good one. as much as i enjoyed it, i’m really wanting to keep my teaching experiences as intimate and limited as possible so that the magic of it continues….

thank you to everyone who were in my classes, who smiled at me in the hallways, who told me their stories of reading the book, who cheerfully introduced themselves, who supported me as i took this leap…i am so thankful. thank you, too, to my friends who let me process every second of the experience in loonngg (sometimes tearful) conversations. the emotional journey of the last several weeks has left me feeling incredibly joyous and exhilarated, but also a tiny bit lonely and strangely off center, too. i’m working it all out…it’s an incredible wave. and one that i’m so proud to ride.

Sending much love,

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  1. tricia

    I wish I could have been there! This work is amazing. I really love them, and I am totally going to get a white gel pen:)

  2. Dayna Collins

    Kelly Rae, I considered you one of my “starred attractions” in reflecting upon my six classes at Art and Soul. And I love my “two ladies” that I created in your class. Thank you, you’re a sweetie.

  3. Teri Leigh

    I loved meeting you at the Vender night and buying “Grace”. She has a very special place in my home. I would have loved to take a class from you. I’m sure you were fabulous. Be sure and take some time for yourself, you deserve it.

  4. BigCat

    It sounds amazing. I’ve just finished reading Taking Flight and found it the most wonderful and inspirational book. A real triumph. You must feel so proud. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try out the techniques and ponder many of the questions that you put forward. It will be a lovely joyful process in my own creative journey.

  5. Anonymous

    HI Kelly Rae,
    Sounds like you had the best time.Love the new techniques you have incorporated in your art .Oh how i would love to come to one of your art retreats ………
    Loving all your new works of art.
    Thanks for sharing
    Love Lorraine oxox

  6. marietom

    fan of your great pictures !

  7. jenica

    gorgeous girl, i am so proud of you.

  8. mati rose

    i’m so proud of you.

  9. christine

    I love this new piece, Kelly.

    If you are anywhere near the LA area, and if you have time/energy, I would love to meet you for coffee or tea! xoxo

  10. LisaE

    Dear Kelly Rae…
    I love your art and I love your HEART. I just found your blog…don’t remember how?? But am enjoying it immensely.

  11. Alisa Burke

    kelly!!! congrats on making it through the experience-I am sure you were beyond amazing!! ! if you are anywhere near San Diego this week we should most definitely meet for a North Light author lunch πŸ™‚

  12. Gina2424

    You are a gem! So glad to meet you. Thanks for signing my book and journal. Love your style. Hope to take a class sometime.

  13. marybethvolpini

    Where in Southern California are you?

  14. gem

    blessings to you in the wave*riding…the wave*riding that ultimately & always brings us safely home to the ground of our beings/being*ness. sending a big hug from this coast to yours, kelly rae.

  15. Michele in Florida

    Kelley I just wanted to say thank you for your book. I received it last week, and now am hungering again to start creating. Your writings and art touched me! Rest up, and continue to explore the edges, so I can come and sit in one of your classes!

  16. Anonymous

    I love the Creative Voice piece. It’s gorgeous!

  17. Jeanne

    welcome to Southern California for a bit ‘o time!

  18. Judy Wise

    judy wise loves kelly rae. (hee hee) xo

  19. Caroline

    I love the writing in the hair. Beautiful, like a soul dream crossing her mind.

    I am so looking forward to buying myself your book for my birthday…

  20. Lorie

    Oh beautiful, vulnerable, wonderful woman… thank you for sharing yourself with us. I truly appreciate that you take the time to keep us updated on all your life. you continue to be such an inspiration to me (and I am sure everyone else that reads this blog).

    Enjoy your heart time- you absolutely deserve it!

    Lorie from Montana

  21. jwood

    I agree, I love Judy. Her classes are wonderful, creative, warm, and fun!

    I enjoyed meeting you at vendor night and once again wanted to share how much I have enjoyed your book. It is a wonderful blessing.

  22. Lexy.

    That’s one of the best things about art: Learning new things!!

    I hope you feel inspired to just throw yourself into your artwork to try it all out. Though I know how absolutely frustrating it is when you can’t find the time to do that. It just eats at you.

    But one day, your book will arrive at my door (I say ‘one day’ because Australia totally drops off the face of the earth sometimes with the postal system, so I’ve learned to be very patient!) and no doubt I’ll be learning some new things too!

  23. Katrina

    my dear friend: love the new techniques being incorporated into your work, love the new “messiness”, the transfer, the sum of it. and i LOVE seeing boho’s photo in your blog header–it’s so divine. enjoy your traveling ways and i hope you find a new grounding in all the movement. sending love your way…


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