Wear Your Joy – New Beginnings

Nov 24, 2017 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

Hello friends! Here are my most recent Wear Your Joy moments. As always, this personal practice continues to inspire. Wanna join me? Click over here for all the details!

Friday, October 13

Something is changing. It feels like a new edge, or way of being is emerging. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the calls of a new obsession, but I’m feeling it lately.
I want to get up and make paintings that are different.
I want to put on jeans and bogs and get in the dirt and garden.
I want to further simplify my finances, and purge, and read.
I want nothing to do with the hustle.
Maybe this is getting older. Maybe this is the start of a new seven year cycle (I’m 42 so that would make sense!). Maybe it just more essence coming through – the kind that happens when we return to ourselves.
Whatever it is, I like it. A little bit unnerving. A little big scary. But I like the possibility that comes with new beginnings.

Wednesday, October 25

Dear Gudrun Sjoden, thank you for making the most adorable leggings ever that are also cozy. Thank you, too, for putting pockets on most of your dresses and tunics. Thank you for your ethics and sustainability practices in the fashion world. Thanks for being a bad&** biz women. I adore and love your clothes!

Monday, November 6

Pulled out one of my favorite knitted frocks today. Gonna make a goal to wear my joy each day this week. Who’s with me? This joy practice is an important one. Let’s make our hearts visible – and wearable.

Sending much love,

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  1. Elsie Hickey-Wilson

    Oh, Yes! Time to get the Joy of the season on your beautiful self! Gudrun for sure! Oh, I do love that woman and the freedom she offers women of all ages and all sizes the beauty of her fabrics and designs! Yes to pockets…tissues, phone, and all the little stuff we might carry. Joy, joy, Joy! Enjoy!


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