12 Gift Ideas for people who SHINE a light in our lives (all $20 or LESS)!

Dec 7, 2013 | Inspiring Products

Each week, I shine a spotlight on a few creations that I’m particularly proud of.  May you be inspired – and perhaps find a little something to nourish your soul.  Click here to see all the posts in this series. 

PS: All of the products featured below (and more) are sold online via Garden Gallery Works (a local shop here in the Portland area), but if you’re looking for signed/matted prints and/or originals, you can get these in my online shop International customers, Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide. Please email them at gardengalleryorders@gmail.com to get started. 

Today we’re spotlighting gift ideas for the people in  your life who SHINE! And the Shine tea towel is an awesome hostess gifts if I do say so myself! The white background and pops of color with ric rac trim… friends, they’re just so sweet! I love these, big time. Available for purchase online right here.
Surrender your seriousness. Yes, yes, yes. I need that to be a daily mantra, no? This little 6×6 is available online here.  Celebrate Everything wall art here.

A sweet gift for the garden lover in your life! Tin bird house has the words, “be true, shine” and is available for purchase here. 

They’re artful magnetic photo displayers! There are four of them, and I’m thinking they’d make a completely thoughtful gift for any occasion! Did I mention that they each come with a super adorable oversized magnet? Check out the Shine brightly magnetic photo holder here.

Perfectly sized for your phone, cash and a few cards! We adore the Shine brightly wristlet. You can purchase it online right here. 
We adore the Shine Charm Necklace! It’s vintage inspired, super sweet in person and perfect for layering. Available for purchase online here. 

These metal tags are double sided for twice the sweetness. With 12 in all, these babies are super sturdy, substantial little gifts! You gotta trust me on this one. They. Are. Awesome. See the entire collection here. The Shine Tag is right here.

What better way to start your morning then to be reminded that YOU are a gift to this world! The Shine Mug is in stock right over here.

The perfect size canvas for gifting (6×6)! With the perfect reminder, ‘no dimming necessary!’ Available right over here. Like this size? See all our 6×6 canvases here.

Can I just say how highly delightful these key chains are! Love the double-sided medallions. Love the mix of ribbons. Love how they look clipped onto tote bags, purses, and backpacks – the tiniest bit of artful love. This one reads ‘a charming life’ on one side and ‘no dimming necessary, shine brightly on the other.’ See it here.

LOVE these chunky artisan bracelets! Each features 6 different signature images, adding just the right amount of artful soul to you accessory collection. They’re a stretchy 8″ long and slip on easily for maximum style and comfort. Shine is right over here.  See the full line of Chunky Artwork Bracelets right here.

The LED candle collection is so lovely! Shine is among my favorites! I love the idea of a candle that will burn brightly and never fade! They are 100% safe for little hands and wagging tails, but still have the look (and feel) of an actual candle that flickers. Tip: I place mine up high (like on a mantel) where they flicker but yet their LEDness is concealed by being placed up high. See the Shine LED right here.

Thanks, friends. Our mission is to continue to create products that blend creativity with meaning, beauty with function. I so love what I do.

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Auri

    Gracias Kelly. Today I celebrate life, rainy day, my husband, my sons, and my family.
    And thank you for your beautiful art.

  2. Kristin Morton

    I'm celebrating the magic of Christmas!

  3. Unknown

    I am celebrating living in California again after fifteen+ years away. Thank you for the virtual party!


  4. Michele Van Choff

    I am celebrating my move back home and enjoying the WHOLE holiday season with my family and friends!

  5. Marta

    Can't wait to the e-course! I have my angel wings on my wall that reminds me to :Unleashed your joy!

  6. AnaLisa Rutstein

    I'm celebrating the moments of Grace that happen everyday ! Love & Grace, AnaLisa

  7. Jeannine

    I'm celebrating the coming of a new year and a fresh start – in so many ways! XO

  8. Cindy Rescigno

    I am celebrating the sun shining for the first time in a week. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Shari

    I am celebrating life as it is right here today! Being present is something I am practicing and thankful for!!!

  10. Jeniffer Henry

    I've been seriously ill for almost 20 years….at least 20 surgeries with 7 being brain surgeries, hundreds of hospital stays & ER visits, hundreds of medicines tried, felling depressed, suffering never ending fatigue, got divorced after 11 years cause my ex just couldn't take it anymore, trying to raise a compassionate & beautiful daughter, anger with our health care system and sick of feeling sick and tired. My last surgery was the middle of August and since then I've started a journey of finding ME. Since we are having a party today I am celebrating finding my creativity again, reconnecting with my spiritual side, figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, taking risks, relearning to live life and showing gratitude for the little, medium,big things that happen every day. Thank you Kelly for your wonderful, uplifting, lovely messages and for making me feel like I can do what you do!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Kathleen

    My Mouth waters with the delights you have so generously offered. I have had to step away from my art room due to a life that has gotten in the way. Oh how can that be?!? It is my life! I must be lost…oh yes, i must be lost. Thank you for gently nudging me to this reality!

  12. Heather Chevreau

    celebrating that i am finally getting my act together and have been meditating and journaling — doing a little art a few times a week! – thank you for all the fun opportunities to win something!

  13. Marlene

    Hi Kelly thanks for this opportunity to win some great prizes in this giveaway. I am celebrating life

  14. Naseeba H

    Today I am celebrating the news that I have an interview on Friday! First interview in three years, excited and nervous at the same time!

  15. Donna Stevens

    Hello Gorgeous- I am Celebrating the fact that my ADORABLE grandson might be coming for the holidays now- I will find out for sure tomorrow after a 6 hour road trip- wish me luck & TY for a chance to win a spot in your ECOURSE i can not express in words how much it would mean to be able to join yourself & all the others on this journay- my Heart & Soul are craving this!!

  16. maureen vandeusen

    I am celebrating the possibility that I could win a spot in your class!!

  17. Anonymous

    I am celebrating change (which I am not good at!) I have taken a years leave from my job to work elsewhere – a fabulous opportunity – which I am so grateful for…Lisa Crail (oops didn't include name in previous comment)

  18. Anonymous

    I am celebrating change (which I am not good at!) I have taken a years leave from my job to work elsewhere – a fabulous opportunity – which I am so grateful for…

  19. Anonymous

    Today I celebrate as I prepare my house to be full of joy and laughter of family together again.

  20. La Alicia

    <3 I'm celebrating my opportunity to be creative every day! πŸ˜‰

  21. Kara Bowling

    I am celebrating my clients. We had a wonderful expressive arts group today – making Christmas cards to give to loved ones. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make something beautiful for those you love! My clients inspire me.

  22. HappyInTexas

    Awesome day! I'm celebrating my new series of paintings.

  23. Susan

    Life is a celebration – if we let it. You inspire me, Kelly Rae.

  24. Chris B

    I'm celebrating my 32 year old daughter finally meeting a wonderful man! Love him! Hope all goes well. And thanks Kelly for the giveaway!

  25. kim

    Today and Lately, I am celebrating the experiences I have had this year. Asking myself, Where will they take me? What will fill up these spaces? I have lost A LOT this year. I am trying to remember that it leaves room for new experiences and opportunities. SO I am celebrating Transformation, I guess "Where will this take me?:

  26. Gill

    Fabulous giveaway. I'd love to win something
    Today I'm celebrating wearing a dress (amazing) that I've made myself (even more amazing) and having the confidence to wear it having lost nearly 3 stone this year
    Art is definitely something that nourishes me and gives me confidence

  27. Chessa

    What an amazing giveaway!

    Today I'm celebrating gingerbread house day with my two boys – we just finished putting our finishing touches on it (our advent activity of the day!). And celebrating the sense of giving, as I watched my 7-year-old spend his own $5 on treats and snacks for himself AND his little brother – it was really cool to see him experience the magic of giving. <3

  28. NinaC

    wow, what a gorgeous array of artists and talent. frankly, today I'm celebrating being introduced to so many by this post. can't wait to look through their websites. and your work is gorgeous and uplifting!

    netc _ phila@hotmail.com (take out the spaces)

  29. dkdill

    Love all the special creative gifts being offered. Today I am celebrating health and happiness not only for my self but family and friends. Feeling blessed this holiday season

  30. Susan Theroff

    After losing my Father this year, I am celebrating the beautiful influence he had on my life and to keep moving forward with my dreams. I will no longer wait for the "perfect" time to work on my art-our time is finite and I will make the most of it. Love to you Kelly Rae for all the amazing gifts you share.

  31. Sandra

    Everything looks great! And I'm celebrating my 40th Christmas this year. πŸ™‚

  32. Anonymous

    I love everything you are giving away. I have
    been fighting mental illness for 15 years. I have bipolar 2 disorder, anxiety disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder. All of this positive gifts and artwork really help me when I am struggling. I love everything that us positive because it helps change my outlook on life and makes everything better and I am happier too, by being positive.

  33. onehipmomma

    I am celebrating my strength and bravery during a very challenging time in my life. These are amazing giveaways!

  34. Anonymous

    cannot believe such generosity…I hope I win…celebrating the birth of CHRIST!


  35. Michelle Templeton

    Thanks so much for the great party!! I'm celebrating my wonderful son who just turned 7 and who is an endless inspiration. ~Michelle

  36. Talyn

    First of all SWOON over those gorgeous boots! I am celebrating being so blessed with LOVE from my family and friends.

  37. Susan

    I'm celebrating a lot of things….my children and grandchildren, good friends and a better job that will now give me more means to pursue the true direction of my life in fiber arts!

  38. Pepi Valderrama

    Wow! Thank you for this opportunity! I am celebrating that we are all healthy and sound at home πŸ™‚ It's been a challenging year. xxoo

  39. Lori Leissner

    Connie Rawlins is not only a great CPA but she knows how to explain things so that even those of us who are the slowest learners.

    I'm celebrating having water after it being frozen for 2 days!

  40. Jen Ashenfelter

    currently its snowing outside, looking out the window causes a little celebration dance to happen in my heart <3.

  41. Artenvy

    I'm celebrating good health and happiness and new experiences.

  42. Matty

    Good God WHAT A PARTY!!! you've made for us, Kelly Rae. Being a GRAMMY to my grandson and grand-daughter is such a CELBRATION, they make my HEART FLUTTER FOR SURE. Please Santa, let me win a prize, most especially CLAIRE O'CONNOR's SWeet SPoT would be the best in my stocking. Love to The Roberts Family, you give so much.

  43. Darlene Propp

    I am celebrating having Christmas with my son for the first time in 9 years.

  44. sue pearson

    I'm celebrating the warmth of my home in the midst of a snow storm, the warmth of my cat's fur and how it feels next to me, the sound of his purr, and the rhythm of his breathing… I'm appreciating the blast of colors and prints that your post includes.. and I love the idea of winning a spot in your class !
    Sue, Vancouver, Canada

  45. Leslie

    Everything is so inspiring and soul-filling!

  46. Unknown

    i'm so glad i was invited to this party! it's awesome. πŸ™‚ i'm celebrating starting anew and honoring my spirit. xo

  47. serendipity

    I celebrate each day as it comes as we never know what tomorrow may bring.
    ciao joan craft

  48. Kathy McElroy

    I am celebrating life. Feeling blessed in so many ways.
    "Memento Vivere"

  49. audrey

    Wow, such an abundance of wonderful giveaways! Very exciting to have a chance to win one of them.
    I am celebrating Christmas! But in a different way this year. I am concentrating on the less fortunate by giving where I can ~ to charities and those families at church who need help to make Christmas special for their little ones. I might even make a visit to a local Nursing Home close to Christmas to spread some cheer to those who seldom or never have a visitor.
    Having lost my Mother in November, I think this Christmas celebration will bring some joy back into my life.

  50. Iesha H.

    Im celebrating that christmas this year will be back in the city where i grew up! YEAH! Celebrating christmas at my mothers in laws and all of my husbands side of the family. They havent seen our daughter in 2 years since we moved from one end of Canada to another. She is now 3 1/2, boy are they in for a surprise to see her now! Leaving this friday and very excited. I even have my sister and neice out that way and many close friends! Last few christmas have been not as cheery and bright no matter what i tried since moving. This christmas is going to be Awesome! :)iesha


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