21 months…

Jun 15, 2012 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

I’ve been carrying him more and more in the ergo. I know these days are coming to an end soon, and I just want to have him on my chest for as long as possible.

You were right when you said it would be bittersweet, their getting bigger. I miss his infancy. I miss it a lot. It just flew through. It all has.

You were right when you said they just get incredibly sweet, incredibly hilarious, incredibly personalitied-out. Our guy is bossy with a capital B, confident. He is sweet. (He demands hugs and kisses of everyone, every toy, every doll, every thing. Yesterday he said hello to his hand and then demanded a hug and a kiss from his hand. HILARIOUS and adorable.) Our guy is also super sporty and dude-like with his obsessions with tools and golf and t-ball. And he loves to read, always has.
Current scene in our living room;)

(a recent scene from our living room)

You were right when you said there would be a constant push and pull. Feels like my time is either with him, or with work. When I’m with him, I miss my work. When I’m working, I miss him (terribly). I am constantly navigating the pushing and pulling, but mostly being extremely conscious that he’ll only be 3 months once. 9 months once. 15  months once. And now, 21 months once. This perspective keeps me grounded and really, really with him.

You were right when you said parenting little ones would be have us up against our edges in unrelenting ways. It often feels impossible to finish a conversation, a meal, a thought, a blog post, an idea, an email in one full breath. Instead, everything plays out over days, weeks, months. And so much, (so much), gets lost along the way. I often wonder how, HOW do we (or anyone with kids) get anything done, especially when it comes to running a biz. Thank god for support. For family. For each other.

Huge heartrock. Keeping this one in the living room.

But mostly, you were right when you said it would be worth it. On a daily basis, my heart nearly bursts with a specific joyful beat, meant just for him.

Sending much love,

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  1. Hayley @ The Tiny Twig

    Anne Lamott talks about how we see our children as every age they have ever been. It helps me in the moments when I mourn the aging. 🙂

  2. Kate @ {K}Mericks

    My little one is still under 1, but I still totally agree that it goes soooo fast! Every day I am like "wow, how can it get any better?" and it does. Yet, I miss those yesterdays! I love it and I love every day and I love seeing the growth and changes.. and I still miss those previous moments. Such a strange phenomenon, mommyhood.

    It is lovely to watch a mom (You) obviously love their child sooo much! You can see it through your lovely photos. AND you are still maintaining your business too. Wow. Awesome. Continuing loving True. You are such an encouragement to me! xo

  3. toko baju muslim murah

    Its the details of our lives I think that in some respects make the impact. Its only once in a while the big picture matters. I loves these photos of the details.

  4. Kristin Dudish

    This post is so full of joy and wonderful reminders to savor each and every precious moment…

    My little dude is turning 6 next month – time does pass so, so quickly (but with so, so many amazing moments along the way)…



  5. Kim

    Such a lovely post – thank you for reminding me of those sweet days. My 16 yr old has needed me to wash, dry, brush and style her long strawberry-blonde hair this past week because of a hand injury, and it's brought back such wonderful (long-ago) memories of pigtails and barrettes…and she's shared more in these recent early morning hours than I would have ever imagined. Even in the crazy busy-ness of everyday life, just keep breathing and be present, as Indigene advised. You'll never regret really "BE-ing" in the moments, because they will soak into your heart and nourish you forever. ♥

  6. Giggles

    Seriously could he get any more adorable…he is such a doll!! The love is unimaginable and so amazing!!

    Now imagine your mother feeling this same way when you're fifty!! It doesn't matter how old they are that love is always so profoundly compelling!! Enjoy the love!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Janet

    And then when you think you couldn't love another person nearly as much as you love him, he'll give you grandchildren, and your heart gets even bigger.

  8. Marjie Kemper

    Intense. Wish I had time to write more but just wanted to acknowledge your beautiful pics and thoughtful words. Enjoy him! The rest can wait.

  9. {Amy}

    ahhhh, so, so sweet and all so true. mine are now 5 and 7 and it seems like nearly yesterday they were 21 months old. i hate that everyone was so stinkin' right when they told me how fast it would all go : ) enjoy every day and one day you will get to have complete thoughts and conversations, i promise.

  10. Fat Hen And Flo

    My first born is approaching 11 and still walks up to me daily with his arms out for a hug and they are just as special as those squidgy toddler hugs. Somehow I feel they are more precious and more needed.

    “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” Virginia Satir

  11. Shelly Yonovak

    My oldest just graduated and my youngest turned 16! This post brought tears to my eyes!! It is true…it goes by way too fast, but I'm so thankful for all the time I spent with my girls growing up…Memories will last forever! Be Blessed!

  12. Michele H.

    beautiful post kelly! and yes…it does go fast. my girls are 17 and almost 10…and they just get so much better and hilarious with age:)

    happy weekend!

  13. curlygirlpress

    Oh, you make me so excited to be having a baby!! = )

  14. Indigene

    As the Mom of a 33 yr old and a 17 yr old, just keep being present, for all these precious moments, the ups and the downs, because they all will become even more precious, as they graduate from each school, college, on to work, engaged and married, and throughout it all, you will hold on to that picture of that sweet little one all through it…and know your blessings! 🙂 🙂

  15. Shahrul Niza

    Wow, True is growing so fast. He's so cute asking for hugs and kisses from HIS hand. Love & Hugs for True. And you are a supermom, juggling so many things at once. Hugs for you.

  16. Blessed Serendipity

    Such a sweet post. You think he's getting big now. Wait until he goes to preschool and blink then it's kindergarten, blink again and he's a teenager and just as fast as that he is driving, going to high school, his senior prom and then the start of his young adult life. If someone told me when my daughters were wee little ones how fast it went I wouldn't of believed them, but it did go by so fast and now they are all grown up. Cherish every age (they are all so very unique).



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