A pity party, and a whole lotta kindness (thank you).

Sep 9, 2015 | Life in Progress

The other day I had a small pity party about myself. My body is changing, my face is changing, and it’s all a little strange, this getting older thing. I’m working to love, accept, take care, and celebrate this vessel. But still. Anyway, True and I were having lunch when a sweet couple and their daughter came over on their way out to tell me they loved my outfit. The woman added that my eyes were pretty, that I was pretty. I was so struck by the kindness, I started to tear up. She saw me in a way I want to be seen, just when I needed it. Not only did her kindness matter, it inspired me to be kinder to myself.

And if I wasn’t all mush by then, True and I were coloring, waiting for our food when I asked him “What’s your favorite thing about being a kid? Is it all the playing, learning, making stuff? I’m curious!” He leans over and excitedly whispers in my ear his answer: “That you and Papa are my mom and dad!!!” It was such beautiful perspective for me from where my head was at, and it was more kindness on top of kindness. My heart is full. And, this kid. He sure knows how to remind me of what matters the most.

I posted the above image/text on my Instagram and Facebook a few days ago. I was so struck by the conversation that followed in the comments. There was support, understanding, belonging. I suppose I expected a few “Get over it” or “Just wait until you’re even older!” comments. But no, just sincere conversation, being in it with me, and a supportive “I get it” dialogue.
I adore this community. Adore it. Thank you for seeing me, supporting me, and being in it with me.

Sending much love,

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