A painting from start to finish in 2 quick minutes, new art, and more!

Sep 10, 2015 | My Creative Practice

Hi friends! Click play on the video above to see a time lapse one of my paintings from start to finish. We’ve condensed three hours to two minutes! Love, love, love time lapses and am planning to do more. Let me know what you think!


Print available from my shop!

Above is the finished painting from the video. It’s a new piece, honoring all that I know to be true. The second I began to listen and trust my inner voice at the age of 30, my entire life opened up and I found myself unexpectedly on the creative path. I’ve learned, these last 10 years or so, that our whispers, intuition, inner voice – whatever you want to call it – is our life’s possibility waiting for us to say yes. It’s our highest selves sending her message, encouraging us to receive it. I trust this voice above anything else. It’s divine, and potent with so much wisdom.
In other news, we’re on the three week countdown to my Spirit Wings painting e-course! Introductory price of $99 ends on the 15th so get on it before the price goes up! 
I have been blown away by the response to this course. Thank you for seeing and trusting what I know to be true: this class is much more than a painting class. It’s deep, joyful soul work that will carry you through well after class ends.
We’ll not only let art out and let love in, but we’ll honor our imperfections and make them beautiful on the canvas. We’ll find our edges, and widen our horizons. We’ll inspire one another. And we’ll create gorgeous paintings to help manifest and call in all that is waiting for us.
I. Cannot. Wait.
All levels welcome. I had zero painting experience when I began painting angels and I will share everything I’ve learned along the way these last ten years. The painting instruction videos are exquisitely produced, providing close views of the demo paintings so that you can truly see the details of every technique I share. All in all, there are over 18 (EIGHTEEN!) hours of videos, capturing 6 angel paintings from start to finish. Whoa. EXCITED!
Click here for all the details and to register. Again, into price of $99 goes up on the 15th so act fast.

Sending much love,

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