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Dec 16, 2013 | Life in Progress

Holy mess! This is the current view of mom's office where she is shipping out our print orders from the last couple of days! This is where all the action happens, friends! Thank you for your orders and support and for keeping us busy!

It’s one of our busiest times of year for our little art shop. I thought I’d share a peek into my mom’s office. This is where we do our printing and where mom does all the packaging, matting, and shipping of prints (and now postcard packs!). It doesn’t always look like this, of course, but every now and again (sales, holidays, etc), there’s a surge of activity. Holy mess! Seriously grateful for all the orders (thank you).

A #dragonfly decided to join the fun. #ilovemyjob
While mom’s been busy in the printing studio, I’ve been working on deadlines alivelines. Loving the new birdies and dragonflies and other lovely creatures that have been emerging lately. I can sense a sort of new creative expansion happening lately. Feels really really good. In some ways, I can feel myself falling back in love with art-making and getting back to the roots of why I started making art in the first place a few short years ago. Love how everything is circular. Love how much I’ve learned about life through the journey that art has led me on. It just keeps changing my life. 

#flow #mess #inspired #latergram

I’ve also been working crazy hard on prepping for my upcoming painting ecourse. Filming begins this week (this week!) which means I’ve been going cray cray with big pieces of papers on the wall, mapping it all out, over thinking, and generally making my nerves go haywire. I’ve been doing a dance with my inner perfectionista. I tell her all about the difference between excellence and perfection. I tell her we’re going for excellence. And she breathes. Relaxes. 
All I know is that I’m loving the energy and heart and soul going into this thing. Not just my heart/soul/energy, but for all of the lovely people who are helping me. Major team effort going on over here between filmographers, lighting folks, graphic designers, programmers, friends stepping in as project managers, make-up artists, stylists, techy consultants, and more. My heart is full. 
Lovely evening with the #soulshinestudio ladies and their families at our house this eve. There was music, gifts for the littles, and so much life in our little bungalow. #mademesohappy  I regrammed this from @florabowley @pixiecampbell @lynzeelynx
And my friends. They’re holding space, and cheering me on. They are a big part of my life team. I think of that Ram Dass quote all the time: “We’re all just walking each other home.” Can’t tell you how much I believe that. The friends who’ve been in our lives forever or just passing through – they usher us deeper into life and into light. I think it’s remarkable. 

So love this shot/moment of John showing True how the advent calendar works. The handmade calendar is from John's childhood, crafted by his mother and grandmother.  #special
In between it all, the holidays are in full swing in our house. I adore this photo of John showing True how the advent calendar works. This was John’s when he was a kid, so it’s extra special that it will now be True’s. How cute are they?
Rare snow day today in Portland and somebody was THRILLED. #trueelioorlando
And to make the season more merry, we got a day or so of snow – unusual for Portland, but we’ll gladly take it for all the smiles and adventures it brings.

Adore this photo of True checking out his mama's art while wearing one of her aprons. #sigh #trueelioorlando Love having him at my studio.

And speaking of True, he’s been coming down to the studio to paint while I work. I adore the above shot I captured of him checking out my art while wearing one of my aprons. Also loving this video of him going to town on a couple of canvases. Man, he’s awesome. 

Morning green smoothie time. #vitamixisthebestthingever and so is the insulated Summerville cup (thanks @curlygirldesign)
In between all the activity of late, I’ve been trying to practice some self compassion and care. I haven’t been able to get to the gym the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been dedicated to getting enough sleep and eating well. Daily green smoothies continue! I feel great, and all the big lessons of burnout, over doing it, not getting enough rest, balance, etc these last several years are serving me now. I’m learning. Always, always. 

Not gonna lie. This afternoon was rough. Through and through. Stopped to be thankful for all the abundance in my life (health, family, career, friends) but then it turns out I needed a good cry. And to come home from work to a sweet little tree and an und

And then there is our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree that we decorated on Thanksgiving day. Love, love, love.

Speaking of trees and family and friends, have I shown you guys this new image? A new favorite, inspired by vintage arithmetic trees – so much fun creating it. 
More soon,
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. thunderheart

    Thank you for sharing this very personal side of you and your family. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season of great memories and incredible times together. Hold each other close because this life goes by so quickly we have to enjoy every minute.

  2. malena

    True in his art apron looking at your art work is so precious. I just had to make a comment to you on what joy it gave me.

  3. dls

    Love the video…..Merry Christmas


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