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Sep 30, 2013 | My Creative Practice

With Art in Motion, I share the visual journey through the life of one of my paintings β€” from the blank canvas, to the first splash of inspiration, all the way to the finished piece. Enjoy to the fullest!

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I almost always start out with covering the canvas with collage papers. Links to the gel medium I use and canvas boards I use are below. 

Quick draft of the figures using the black stabilo pencil (best thing ever). And a layer of gesso on the faces. 

Faces in progress!

Faces are done using the Shiva paintstiks (link below!). 

Decided I wanted a flat background for this piece so painted over the papers with a pretty blue. Left a peek of music lyric show through. 

Painted in their dresses and hair.

Added lace to dresses, butterfly and flower collage elements, and stamped in the sentiment. 
Aaaannndd, it’s done! Love how this one turned out. I don’t do flat background often, but I sort of love them, big time. 
Original sold, but signed/matted prints are available here.
I get so many questions about which art supplies I use and love. You can check out my favorite supplies for making art  (with descriptions) over here or if it’s easier, I’ve put some easy links below for you πŸ™‚

Thank you guys. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the process!
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Jenipher Lyn

    I'm SO curious why the black pencil is the BEST THING EVER?? πŸ™‚

  2. Lucy Chen

    I love seeing the process, too, Kelly. It does take some patience to record the process though, for me anyway, I rarely take the time and energy to record the process. But when I do and make a video of it, it easily goes viral! I think we all love watching how the artist create.

  3. April Fox Billigmeier

    Keep them coming. Love seeing the process. You're a real help to all the aspiring artists. Thank you for your generosity. Love the painting.

  4. Sonya

    I love how the ladies turned out!


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