Art In Motion :: Trust Your Wholeness (a rework of an older painting)

Oct 14, 2013 | My Creative Practice

With Art in Motion, I share the visual journey through the life of one of my paintings — from the blank canvas, to the first splash of inspiration, all the way to the finished piece. Enjoy to the fullest!

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Earlier this year, I went to Bali for a creative retreat with my friend Flora and made the painting above. I love this painting for all that it represents. Bali was a transformative experience for me (you can read more about it here) and creating this piece was a big piece of that experience for me. 
But lately, I’ve been wanting to rework her a bit – perhaps another part of the ongoing transformation. Seems fitting that she would evolve with me as this year has been a big one when it comes to personal growth and transition. I’m also a big fan of reworking older paintings. I think it’s a great exercise in letting go, rebirth, and embracing change. And so, I answered the urge, and painted over here face entirely, first covering it with gesso. I have a link below for my fave gesso. A GOOD gesso makes a huge difference).

Getting there. #artinmotion #paintinginprocess #oilpaint #lovemyjob
Then I began to rework her face with the Shiva Paintstiks – another must have (link below). I also painted in her hair with acrylics. Big difference already, no?   
Here’s a comparison of the original version next to the re-work, at this stage.

After finishing her face, I stamped text into her hair…….
And added “Trust & claim your wholeness” to her shoulders. 
Totally love this rework. Trust & claim your wholeness, for me, is about recognizing the beauty and depth of what it means to be human. To be brave in sadness, yet brave in love. To be wise, yet playful. Afraid yet courageous.  Fierce yet tender. Imperfect yet loved. We have such a range of experiences and emotions – sometimes in one given day. Sometimes I surprise myself by fully inhabiting my confidence in one part of my life while feeling incredibly wobbly in another. Hello, wholeness! Hello, being human. It took a long time for me to get this lesson in a world where we’re asked to be one dimensional (smart! has it together! fearless!).  As I continue to grow more into myself, I’m learning that we gotta claim the wholeness of who we are. It’s what makes us trustworthy, authentic, and deeply honest.
If you’re interested in a signed/matted print of this piece, you can get yours here

I get so many questions about which art supplies I use and love. You can check out my favorite supplies for making art  (with descriptions) over here or if it’s easier, I’ve put some easy links below for you 🙂

Thank you guys. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the process!
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. curlygirlpress

    Beautiful, in image and sentiment. I love that the reworked painting still has the boldness of the first, but now has the gentleness and heart I associate with your work, too. Love it. = )

  2. sheila

    Here's a quote for you:
    When we have the courage to relax into the wholeness that is us, the pace at which the mind thinks slows to the pace at which our heart feels, and together they unfold the rhythm with which our eyes can see the miracle waiting in all that is ordinary. – Mark Nepo

    Love your work!


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