art & soul portland – a 7 day journey

Oct 10, 2006 | Life in Progress

“Home is not where you live. It is where they understand you” – Morgenstern
day 1:

within 5 minutes of arriving to the oakland airport at 7:50am i:

  • am informed that my 9:20am flight to portland was canceled, but an alternate flight was leaving RIGHT NOW and if i ran to gate 8, i might just make it.
  • unbeknownst to me, dropped not only my driver’s license, but also my baggage claim tickets during that mad sprint to gate 8. luckily, two good samaritans came running after me with my goods
  • skipped every single person in the long security checkpoint line (and oddly, they were really gracious about it)
  • arrived at gate 8, all out of sorts and out of breath, to the most pleasant airport person ever. she was closing the boarding door and took one look at me and said, “you must be kelly.”
  • was the very last person to board, still out of breath, still shocked i had actually made this flight (with the help of kind strangers). it was amazing. amazing! who knew someone could have an extra positive experience at the oakland airport of all places.

as i sat on that plane i wrote this in my journal:
“on my way to art and soul. feeling a bit blank. ready for inspiration. i need this. oh, and i still hate flying.”

i cannot express the ease of my arrival in portland. my luggage arrived (unbelievable). there wasn’t a line at the rental car place. no traffic. everyone along the way was so friendly. it was bizarre. instantly, the weight i had been feeling these last couple of weeks, the emptiness, had been lifted.

i hopped in my rental car, and knew exactly where i was headed: to my favorite coffee shop in my old neighborhood. i’ve been struggling with learning my way around the east bay these last several weeks that it was so nice to know my way around portland. more importantly, i felt like i had arrived home. this quirky, progressive, beautiful city, where i had spent most of my 20s and where my dreams were realized, is my home. it was nice to be back. all the familiar signs of home were all around me: earthy people everywhere with their dogs. subarus. old boxy volvos. overcast skies. coffee houses everywhere. loved it. LOVED it.

i spent the afternoon with roxanna. we wandered around to all of our favorite spots: anthropologie (of course) in the pearl district, the dansko shoe store in the hawthorne district, ne broadway district, and lunch at LaBuca’s, one of my favortie eateries.

i had dinner with jewel & murlene, two of my coworkers from my old job. they are two wonderfully generous, witty, spunky friends. by now, i am feeling that i’ve arrived home from a long vacation, and i’m spending some time reconnecting with my friends before heading home to my old apartment. it’s a weird feeling, but i’m having a great time.

Sending much love,

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  1. Deb

    I am so sorry we did not meet at Art and Soul! Sounds like you had just as full a week as I did. I have come home so inspired and anxious to work. You will adore Nina’s class – she is a most generous soul. I did my very fisrt altered book with her years ago and was so glad I was able to connect with her again.
    And I also bought a bag from the incredible DJ. What a kind and sweet person she is.
    Would you mind if I link you on my blog? Deb

  2. Sulea

    Hi Kelly, I read all your posts about your trip to Art & Soul! Thank you so much for sharing. I wish we had it here in Australia. :o) Looking forward to seeing all that inspiration in your future art! :o)


  3. Laini Taylor

    Wow, Kelly! It must have taken you a little while to put all these pics together for this post — I love love love all the art. I’m so glad you told us about vendor night, it was the best art experience I’ve had in a long time and it makes me SO excited for Artfest!! It was great to see you — wish John could’ve come too. Keep up all the art-making. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!

  4. dawn

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your incredible journey with us! Sounds amazing…

  5. Susannah

    wow, sweetheart, what a trip! i felt like i was there with you – your enthusiam and joy leap off the screen 🙂 x

  6. deirdre

    I’ve just read all of your posts about art & soul, and OMG. I really, really need to go next year. I’m just learning a little about art and it’s all coming from what I read in books and on the internet. Oh, how perfect it would be to take classes from someone who knows what they’re doing. What an amazing time you had, good friends and food and a creative spirit dancing around you all week.

  7. liz elayne

    i just read all of these.

    (i am jealous. in a big way. of course.)

    i can’t wait to hear all the details soon. i am so glad you had such fun!!!

    fantastic pictures…okay, i could go on and on.

  8. Julie H

    I have just read your entire set of posts from beginning to end. What a joyous time you had – so many very good friends, which says a lot about you and the type of person you are!
    Those leaves are amazing – I have never seen such pink leaves.
    Have a peace filled day!


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