art and soul day 2

Oct 10, 2006 | Life in Progress

Day 2

my dear friend lisa and i spent the entire day together – something we rarely did when we lived in the same city! We woke up, spent some time with her 2 adorably expressive little girls, then headed out for an entire day of lisa & kelly F.U.N.

there was breakfast in northwest portland. pedicures at the aveda salon. lunch at Elephant’s Delicatessen. wandering around downtown. there was even some looking through trash magazines (you know, People, US, the guilty pleasures). there were conversations about how much we love being 30-something – about the freedom, security, fearlessness, and youthfulness of it. more conversations about our struggles, the purposes of them. i’ve said this before, but lisa is my friend probably most like myself, which in some ways is so fun and validating at the same time.

here we are getting our pedicures together. lisa got a really gorgeous deep red color, and i chose an obnoxious bright orange. why not?

i spent the evening with my friend jessica. her boyfriend dave kindly made us dinner, served us wine, and left us alone for girl time. how cool is that? i don’t know how i managed to not get a photo of jessica. i must have been too involved in our conversation. what i love about jessica, and all my portland friends, is that they all check in with me. they ask me how i’m coping, how i’m doing with the move, and all the changes. they want to know how i feel, and being a feeler, and a talker, this all makes me feel like i matter, like i have truly wonderful people in my life. this is the stuff of real friendships. i don’t have to be rosy and cheerful. i can comfortably say “this sucks” and not be judged as a pessimistic person. because really, i’m an optimistic person struggling with a huge change.

i am blessed. by the time i fall asleep, i’m ready for art and soul to begin the following day, and i’m feeling full. full of brightness, and of warmth. i really needed this trip.

Sending much love,

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  1. lisa s

    Kelly,I love it! I am sooo proud of you and blessed by our friendship! Our day together was wonderful and freeing and precious to me. I will draw from our chats, laughter and time together for a very long time. Art fest was wonderful and doing a show-and-tell at the resaurant was so much fun! It was like we were 12 and we just went to the mall for the first time with money of our own to spend:)Only Better!!!! I love you Kelly and I love the journey you are on and the inpriation you provide me on a daily basis to follow dreams and live in the moment! By the way, the art you made in DJs class is sooooo beautiful – It has a magical quality Kelly! Thank you for introducing me to all of your artist friends, I know why they inspire you! They are great!I miss you already!


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