We made it a family affair. True helped break down his crib with his tools (he’s obsessed with his tools).



He then helped put together his new big boy bed with more tools. We didn’t focus so much on saying goodbye to his crib, but instead made a really big deal out of welcoming in the new big boy bed. There were lots of conversations, dance parties, blowing out candles, songs. All of that, plus involving him in the process of breaking down the crib and building the new bed seemed to do the trick, because the transition was seamless. Nothing but pure joy.
We were sure there might be some attempts of his getting out of his bed, but it’s been a few weeks now, and he’s yet to get out of bed! I think the nifty bed rail that holds some books is the trick – they entertain him without his having to get out. Also, perhaps because the new mattress is more cozy than his crib mattress, he sleeps much later than his usual 7am. Friends, it’s been a big change around here. No more being jolted awake by hearing “Papa! Mama! I’m awwaakkkee!” at 6:50am. He doesn’t even call out for us now. Instead, he has these really slow wake ups where he’s wakes up, then, just like his mama, he cozies back into the covers for a little longer, then back to awake around 7:45. We can hardly believe it!


So Mr. True has been sleeping in his "big boy bed" that his Grandpa made him for about a week. Best part? He still wakes up at 7ish but instead of calling out for us, he settles in for a solid 30 mins or longer and reads the books that are sitting inside

Grandpa built this bed based off a photo I saw over on Pinterest of a really cool, simple bed made from pallets. We took it a step further and added drawers (awesome storage) and we also added a bed rail that holds books.


Look who got a whale over his bed! Grandpa made it inspired by one he saw in pottery barn catalog. We put a @matirose sailboat painting up too.
Grandpa also made him a big whale (securely screwed into the wall for safety) to go with his new bed. The whale was inspired by something similar in a Pottery Barn catalog. The painting next to the whale is a sailboat/ocean painting by Mati Rose.And just like that, he’s in a big boy bed. So bittersweet, our little guy is growing so fast. So fast, but my heart leaps for his joy and all the little ways he is becoming his own. Gosh, life is so cool. Thank you, Grandpa, for crafting a bed that will be in our family a long time!

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