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Oct 18, 2014 | Inspiring Products

“Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” – Maya Angelou 

Friends, I adore this quote by beloved Maya Angelou. Last week I attended the Emerging Women conference in New York City, where the late Angelou was to be the keynote speaker. Her spirit infused the conference and each of us attendees walked away with the sparks in our hearts burning a little brighter.

Courage has been a touchstone throughout my career, one of the consistent mantras I return to again and again. Like Maya Angelou said, it takes courage to practice kindness, to give generously, to be honest (with myself and others).

Friends, we’re so excited to unveil a few of our BRAND NEW products to celebrate your courage and bravery! Take a look!

Be Brave Angel: 

Love love love this angel’s sweet face and even sweeter message: Let it go. Say yes to healing, yes to change. Be brave. Trust the voyage. Believe in possibility. Practice courage (every day.) Embrace your vulnerabilities. Have faith in your dreams. Choose joy. Live your truth… 
Add her to your collection, and find more like her, at the online retailer Garden Gallery here!

Be Brave Manifesto Wall Art: 

You guys, manifestos are one of my favorite offerings, and the the Be Brave manifesto comes from a place deep in my heart. Now it’s available in a 18″ x 24″ canvas, bright and beautiful, ready to hang (a smaller option is available in our print shop)! This manifesto reads: Be brave. May you surrender fear, embrace uncertainty, and trust your strength. May you be gentle on your soul (and ask for what you need). May you feel the immeasurable power of how deeply you are loved. May you discover all the ways in which you are not broken but deeply, profoundly whole. May you embrace your vulnerability and practice courage (every single day). May you emerge softer, wiser and more beauty-full. May you discover all the ways hope rises up to meet your biggest struggles and cracks open your heart to the light within yourself, waiting to be seen, waiting to be born.

Find this manifesto and others at the online retailer Garden Gallery here!

Be Brave Pouch:

Totally in love with these new pouches, perfect for carting around my necessities (lip balm! glasses! keys!), and great for gifts as well! This pouch reads: Have faith. Believe in healing. Trust the possibilities. Be yourself, always. Such great reminders!!

Find this pouch, plus others from the collection, at the online retailer Garden Gallery here!

Voyage Toward Truth:

Friends, another new piece from the canvas wall art collection (smaller print and postcard available from my shop)!! This canvas reproduction is so, so close to the original, I could barely tell the difference. She reads: She was on a voyage toward truth, love and profound transformation. She found courage amidst the storms and faith in her sails as she left the safety of the harbor for freedom, dreams & possibility.

Find this canvas reproduction, plus other pieces of wall art, at the online retailer Garden Gallery here!

Hello Courage: 

An oldie but a goodie – this Hello Courage wall plaque actually hangs in my home studio! I look up at it hanging above my window and take a moment to say hello to my courage, recognize that it has always been there, waiting to take flight. Love love the rustic feel of this sign, and at more than two feet long, it is definitely a statement piece!
Find this wall plaque at the online retailer Garden Gallery here!
Friends, we are all Possibilitarians, testing out our wings and working up to taking flight. Sending you so much love, warmth, and of course, courage!
Kelly Rae 

Sending much love,

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