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May 22, 2007 | Life in Progress

thank you to Holly over at decor8 for posting about me today – check it out here. i visit her site daily – it’s full to the brim with lovely indie finds, modern yet vintage design finds, and more. thank you, Holly!

also, my dear friend/artist/crafter/blogger/poet/writer liz has finally opened her much anticipated etsy shop. her creations are spirit inspired, colorful, and irresistible. i scooped up this amazing tote first thing this morning when her shop opened.

continuing with link love (as jen calls it), i’ve bought some pretty amazing books over at amazon lately, including these 2 books about chinese medicine and herbs. and another one called Life Prayers From Around the World, suggested by my mom (thanks, mom). and this one on macrobiotic diet (do any of you follow a macrobiotic diet. if so, i’d love to hear from you as john and i are highly considering it).

also, i’m considering going to Blogher in Chicago. would love to know if any of you will be attending. i’m intrigued (and i’ve always wanted to go to chicago).

Sending much love,

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  1. Paulette

    Congrats on the article girlie! It was a wonderful interview! So very happy for you girl! xo

  2. Judy Wise

    I’m not going to Blogher this year but you did move me to sign up. You know all the good stuff!!

  3. Cayden

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities (in the spring!) I love your site and all of your art.

  4. nina

    loved the interview with decor8!! i didn’t know that about the running –
    kelly rae, i am so happy, happy, HAPPY all is good. sending much love your way…….xxxxx

  5. Kim

    Hey Kelly – congrats on the article. I wandered on over to your site from a link on Johanna’s blog. Any thoughts on creating a piece with a women and her two children?? 😉 I loved the pregnant print but I’m not pregnant anymore! (Thankfully) But I’d adore a piece that captured the joy of motherhood. PS – I really like all of your pieces, they’re wonderful!

  6. johanna

    congratulations! it was so fun to visit decor8 today and find the entry about you. 🙂

  7. Elizabeth

    I just read about you at decor8 and immediately checked out your etsy shop. I love your work! I wish I could afford an original but the prints will have to do! They look gorgeous…I can’t wait to pick one and order it. Thanks for making me smile today.


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