everyday magic.

Jun 26, 2008 | Life in Progress

(the lovely hula and mati, taken today in san fran)

it’s been happening so much lately. everyday magic. coincidences. little moments that have me pausing in reconsideration. it happens when the same double digits appear several times throughout my day or when numbers repeat themselves in such odd, suspicious ways inside the space of my weeks. it happens when the phone rings and it’s a friend whose number i was dialing at that very moment. it also happens when i think about how nice it would be to find the perfect table for my new studio space (the new one i’m sharing with a friend) only to find the exact same studio table i currently have (but won’t be able to move) for sale on the neighbor’s lawn the very next morning. all i can say is that everyday magic has been happening a lot lately. lots and lots of paused moments of hmmm. i know you know what i’m talking about and don’t you love it when it happens?

but the best of all the recent everyday magic happened today. here’s the story: i spent the day today with mati and hula (who is in town from portland). we spent hours chatting, eating, and roaming the streets of the mission looking at murals and all the sights. toward the end of our visit we were all walking down a sidewalk cluttered with random trash. you know, the general sidewalk trash that exists in all urban cities.: old newspaper pages, dirty paper plates, endless bits of crumbled paper. anyway, we’re all walking down the sidewalk when mati yells out “kelly!” and there is is: a very, very old business card. oh wait, it’s my business card. in fact, it’s my first ever business card. and here it is in the middle of some random san francisco sidewalk, in a city of millions, right here at my feet, waiting for this exact moment of collision. it’s the oddest thing ever. it’s magic. later, as we marveled at how in the world it happened and the odds of it all, mati pointed out that perhaps it’s a full circle moment of my beginnings coming around again for a closer look. i had, just yesterday, blogged about beginnings and this was, afterall, my very first business card. so true and a lot of hmmmmms. i love that there it was, reaching out for me to find it on a very windy day in the city. so random, yet so not random at all. again, magic. love it.

(here it is. so funny.)

more magic from my day was meeting the gorgeous hula and her family. she is just as her blog shows her to be: vivacious. down to earth. accessible. witty. talented. oh yes, and she lives in portland…we will be seeing more of each other for sure. what a lovely woman she is. one thing i do love is meeting other bloggers. talk about magic.

what’s been your everyday magic lately?

tuesday’s giveaway winner is: michelle m (from illinois). michelle, get in touch with me so i can get your print out to you! giveaway continues for the rest of the week. enter a comment to enter to win. i’ll draw today’s winner tomorrow evening.

Sending much love,

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  1. Su

    Kelly Rae – this is so inspiring. I look for those AHA Moments and smile and say thank you.

    Thank you for being here for us.
    You are a Blessing…

  2. lisa

    Wow! This is powerful energy indeed! I’m so glad it’s happening for you/through you 🙂

    The ‘number’ thing is very preveland in my life, too. It’s amazing!

    Magic…ah, what a sweet word. For the past 10 days, *much* new magic has manifested into my life. It’s delightful and profound and humbling. I am deeply grateful for its presence.

  3. andrea

    oh kelly rae. so wonderful, getting together with you, such a treat. and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed meeting me as much as I enjoyed meeting you! thanks for the kind words, friend. can’t wait to spend more time with you and all your loveliness… so excited that we’re going to be living in the same town!

    my everyday magic? witnessing your magic moment.


  4. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    today my magic was not allowing a negative person to suck the life out of me. i felt so empowered when i realized that i no longer felt burdened and abused by the attack. instead, i walked away and felt secure in myself. and that is pure magic!

  5. lacy

    Oh I love that story, gave me goose bumps in the best of ways. Happy moments! Thank you for sharing that moment. — Lacy

  6. Robin Westphal

    Definately a full circle moment. I love those synchronicities!

  7. denise

    Life is filled with many blessings, yet many people live at such a fast pace that the magic is never captured, admired, or embraced. Thanks for reminding me and the many others who read your blog that we need to take time for self, for others, and for sharing the precious moments in the journey of living and creating.


  8. CelticBuffy

    Last week I blogged about my worries of letting my kids go across the country to their father and his new fiancee. The very next day (summer solstice) Mr. Ex called to say that the kids needed to stay with me as he was moving back to our (soon to be new home) city in two weeks sans Ms. Fiancee. That is most definitely my magic moment!

  9. surfmomma4

    Wow, really cool..I’m studing the Law of Attraction, and it seems you are a deliberate attractor..I feel it’s just the goodness that you put out returning to you ..BTW LOVE your art..hope I’m picked as a winner..have a magical day!!

  10. Anna Lloyd

    You found an old business card on the footpath? Wow that is completely surprising! There are so many things that remind you how far you have come. It makes it all worthwhile!

  11. son

    my everyday magic had gone, i’d felt lately that i had crossed a invisible line from childhood into adulthood after marriage, mortage and children, that i just couldn’t see magic anymore. until sitting in the garden with my daughter and suddenly her saying there they go mummy. i looked around and had to ask her “what?”. her reply was they are just in there mum, see them, in that bush, the fairies are dancing! small drops of water caught between sunlight and the breeze were actually fairies daning and in that moment i could see, my girl gave me the sight of magic back.

  12. BlossomingSoul

    I’m always cheered up when I come here. Thanks! 🙂

  13. daisies

    how incredibly cool is that!! wow, that must have been an amazing feeling 🙂

    i need some more magic in my life i think … i’ll just have to start manifesting that 🙂

  14. Katrina

    i love it when you post everyday! your stories make me giggle and sigh and tilt my head to the side and say, “so true, so true”. so thanks to you and your continued blogging for that.

    my latest everyday magic: i’ve been renovating my studio for the past 6 months, a slow slow process, and just last week i thought, “i’d love a desk chair that isn’t too office-y, something fun and comfy” and then this weekend a friend was moving out of his apartment and asked me if i wanted his turquoise comfy desk chair. to which i said, “YES”.

  15. justagirl

    oh my goodness!!! that is an amazing thing to happen, I agree it is totally full circle.

    Funny little things like that happen in my life too, I really love it, it makes me smile and chuckle.


  16. Tammigirl

    My magic….my roommate announces she’s moving to California and I’m left holding the bag. Within the hour a coworker approaches me with “Hey, I’m looking for a roommate and I thought of you because you like art.” Well, huh.

    Thanks for asking.

  17. lisavdesigns29

    I love the idea of things coming full circle. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  18. MeMe

    Love the story about finding your business card during an Artist’s Date with your friends. What a wonderful moment!



    wow what a completely amazing moment, I am glad you have so much magic in your life, I think we all have some magic in our lives when we look into our hearts and see whats in front of us. Belinda

  20. christy

    what a lovely moment, finding your very first business card in such a big city!

  21. jessica crawford

    WOW! what a story. LOVE that! so beyond words and imagination. my every day magic: every time God changes my heart.

  22. liz elayne lamoreux

    this is really incredible my friend. i recognized that business card right away as your first one! wow…
    the universe…the serendipity…the magic.

    beautiful story.


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