Oct 13, 2016 | My Creative Practice

Fearless low res

New piece! It’s available here!

Very soon after beginning to learn to paint (at age 30), I became obsessed with mixed media art. 

I couldn’t get enough. I bought dozens of books on the subject, spent countless hours researching, googling different techniques and mixed media artists. I dreamt about mixed media painting. It was on my mind constantly. It felt like my brain was going to explode with all the information, inspiration, and ideas. I felt consumed by possibility, and also by negative thoughts that doubted whether I could ever successfully paint this way. I was a mix of possibility and fear, not realizing at that time that these two are actually close friends. They always walk the path together.

It was truly the first time in my life that I realized that once we begin to devote our time and energy to the call of our heart, we simultaneously question it, struggle with self doubt and maybe even the occasional dose of self sabotage. It can be a confusing time.

I learned, through a lot of self-compassion and love and TRUST, that my journey was 100% par for the course titled “Making Dreams Real.” Feeling overwhelmed, afraid, confused, often feeling like I was in a river being hurled over rapids, gulping for air – all par for the course.

Warrior Optimist - Kelly Rae Roberts

(Print available here)

Sometimes, rough seas are indeed a nudge telling us we’re swimming in the wrong waters. But often, that’s just the reality of being human. Smooth times. Rocky times. It’s all part of our growing and our unfolding. I deeply believe that we experience greater joy and fulfillment by appreciating the beauty in the mess, the symmetry in the chaos, and the courageous love shining brightly beside the fear. Our journeys require all of it.

And so. Both of these paintings are dedicated not to living without fear, but to the brave act of letting that fear go, walking through it, and becoming a warrior for what is possible.

Big XO,
Kelly Rae

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Big love,

Sending much love,

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  1. Pam payne

    You have been given 2 gifts…artist & writer. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all!


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