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Jul 21, 2007 | Life in Progress

we had a pretty abrupt and scary earthquake last night (4.2 with an epicenter mere blocks away). i woke up, all confused and alarmed, to the sensation + sounds of everything shaking. i was alone, clinging to my trembling bed while bella tried in vain to get her grounding on the hardwood floors. what was really interesting was that for the first two seconds while my brain was still processing what was going on, i had fuzzy 8×10 flashcards pop up into my vision. they were visions/flashes of several of my life’s moments: me on the playground inside of a memory i thought i had long forgotten. a painting i recently finished. the word “begin”. my mother. it was incredibly surreal, those flashes. i was outside of my current experience. even just for a few seconds, the jolting and the scariness of the quake were simply in the background, without much significance at all. it was the flashes and the comfort of them that had my attention. however strange, i’m very thankful for those brief moments. very.

some wanderings as of late:
my sister jennifer has been interviewed over on liz’s site. check it out!

i bought this sweet and heartFULL piece from the mrs spirited and soulful kelly b herself. i love everything about it.

and i’m happy to report that mrs stephanie lee has finally started her blog! her etsy will soon follow! everyone knows i’m a huge stephanie fan. i own several of her jewelry pieces and i can hardly wait to share the piece she did for the book (let’s just say i did a major happy dance when i opened that box). she is kind, generous, hilarious, and i sometimes wish she were my neighbor. maybe one day. she does live in oregon.

Sending much love,

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  2. katie

    i don’t like earthquakes at all…one of the downsides of living here on the west coast. i can relate to the scary feeling…
    i’m so enjoying all the work you’ve been posting lately kelly – so beautiful and full of your heartfullness.
    hugsxo katie

  3. kelly

    thank you kindly….kellyb

  4. deirdre

    I heard about the earthquake in the morning, but we didn’t feel anything up here. Earthquakes scare the dickens out of me. I cry every time.

    I read your Liz’s interview with your sister – so inspiring. And just looked at the sites you linked to and oohed and ahhed over each.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.

  5. Cre8Tiva

    oh my dear…i was supposed to be in san francisco this week for a convention…i had to cancel at the last minute…an earthquake would have scared me into flashes of my life also…take care…blessings, rebecca


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