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Jul 23, 2007 | Life in Progress

delights from the weekend:

an evening of ordering in, catching up with one another, snuggling on the red couch while falling asleep to a movie.

a birthday party complete with spectacular fire dancers and chats with friends.

a sunday morning brunch at a new spot where they actually served grits (hard to find on the west coast).

a lazy sunday afternoon complete with a predictable movie (chuck + larry) but i didn’t even care because i was just happy to be at the movies with my man, popcorn, and chocolate.

finishing a book i’ve loved the whole way through.

etsy sales. the support makes me feel warm + fuzzy.

sleeping late. waking to sunny days, always.

asking john and my friends to be “sounding boards” while i try very hard to process through something. feeling like i’ve got it all figured out only to change my mind, again. and again. maybe this wasn’t such a delight afterall, but i suppose having friends/family willing to be on the receiving end of my continuous ramblings of trying to figure it all out is a good thing. yes, it is.

taken from meg, this is how is am:

what color are you?
today, i’m red. red = restless and questioning

what tune are you?
definitely anything bluesy. i LOVE the blues.

what shape are you?
hmm. i’m gonna say i’m a circle

what image are you?
a photo of me as 8 years old keeps coming to me

what noun are you?
curtains in the breeze

what verb are you?

what adjective are you?
grounded, but flying

what animal are you?
butterfly, for sure.

what superpower are you?
my superpower would have people tell the truth

what season are you?

what food are you?
right now, i’d say a slushie from the 7-11 jiffy mart

Sending much love,

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  2. taylor

    That’s why I moved to the south- grits
    (but they are actually very easy to make)

  3. Ally Bean

    I like the questions list. Cool idea. Thanks.

  4. Julie H

    Kelly it sounds like you are dating -kind of fun for the ‘old’ married couple!

    Have you seen my port photo’s lately? You could be sitting right here in Westrn Australia with me.

  5. Jennifer Valentine

    I had no idea you loved the blues as much as I do…pretty nifty, huh?

  6. Gwen

    You sold almost all of your originals! That is awesome. Your weekend with John sounds sweet.



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