Jul 26, 2007 | Life in Progress

“a life free”, on canvas
Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
(Jean-Paul Sartre)

i’m working my way through a cold…always seems to happen when i overdue it. it being life. life being the details. details being my life’s horizon, though as bright as it feels, comes with deadlines and a self-imposed pressure to do my best. a friend mentioned the idea of surrendering during a recent phone conversation about my being a bit overwhelmed with book details. that conversation reminded me that i simply need to do my best in life. that’s it. the rest can be surrendered, let go of, released to the wonders and people of the world who will take what i’ve given them and turn it into possibility, potential, and opportunity. so, the idea of freeing myself from living a bit too much inside my head lately inspired this recent painting. there you have it. the release, the freeing of myself from myself has me feeling refreshed and clear, even with this cold.

Sending much love,

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  2. Anna

    I love this artwork Kelly Rae! Especially the collaging in her dress. Just beautiful!

  3. mati rose

    i did the tag:) thanks for that diversion!

  4. Marel Lecone

    This one seems right up my alley . . . I quit the job-of-the-month yesterday. 🙂 I feel pretty good about it . . . free. Looking for a new one to start next Monday . . . oh please, please let it be so. 🙂

    Mary Ellen

  5. Anonymous

    Congratulations for his WONDERFUL work.
    Her sensibility is very inspiring.

    A lot of success, peace and a lot of work always!!!

    Kisses Lara ( Brasil )

  6. Amanda

    i think it’s great that you are always able to take a look inside and honor what you are feeling.
    that quote is perfect…
    thank you.

  7. megg

    I hope that you are feeling better! I haven’t been for awhile – Thea commented about you on her blog and so I thought I would come over for a look – it’s lovely because she is all about monarchs right now & then to come and see one on your lovely piece and then that quote – I’m glad I came back!!!

  8. Frida

    Releasing, letting go – it is an ongoing lesson for me. I embrace the drive within me, I love that I care enough to always do my best. But I am also learning to know where to stop and let go. Thanks for sharing your lessons in eltting go as well!

  9. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    Kelly that is a brilliant quote. LOVE it! THanks for sharing.

  10. kelly

    wow…that quote is just what i needed. i can’t tell you the fire
    that ran through me, as i read it and then re-read it.

    thank you.


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