I received a question earlier this week about what I do when my mama heart breaks. I loved the question and I don’t think we’re talking enough about it.

True is on the edge of 8 years old (this was a photo of us when he was 3 weeks old), and though my mama heart has cracked many many times, it’s endured a heavy dose of it lately.

He is becoming his own. Watching our children Become is both heart-expanding and heart-breaking all at once. As he reaches for his developmental milestones of independence, I reach for all the permissions and allowances I can give myself to grieve. As he moves slowly away from me, I move closer toward myself. I cry. I process with John. I process with friends. I hold sacred space for him and for myself. I pray. I ask the Angels for guidance. And I celebrate the Great Mystery of Being A Mom.

I won’t be sharing many more photos of True here in this space. For a while now, I’ve been asking for his permission to post images of him and I respect his increasing need for privacy.

I am in awe of him. In awe of this parenting experience. In awe of all that I’ve learned and am learning. And the mama heartbreak is Real. Sending so much love to all of you mom’s out there. I see you, get you, and am right there with you. Let’s be good to our hearts, ok? Nurture them, and allow them every single feeling.


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