I still get very very nervous about putting myself out there whether it’s a new podcast, ecourse, retreat, painting sale, and more. There is so much judgment (internal and external) and pressure (again, internal and external), and ebbs and flows that can sometimes feel like constant instability. It’s taken me many years (and lots of soul work) to trust the stability of the constant instability if you know what I mean!

My biggest heroes are those who continue to show up for their creativity, to be the guardian of it, the advocate of it, and the vessel for its voice in the world DESPITE everything.

I deeply believe that cultivating and acknowledging our own creativity (and we all have it) and all the ways we put it in the world is a tremendous and brave way to grow our courage muscles, which then grows all the other muscles (including self-kindness). For many of us, this is some of the hardest soul work we’ll ever do.

So. Here’s to all the risks we take in the name of expressing our truest selves in a world where judgement weighs heavily. I applaud you. I stand with you. I honor you.

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