Hello Gentle Gratitude

Nov 11, 2014 | My Creative Practice

(Loving this new piece, available here)

Hello quiet. Hello renewal. Hello gentle gratitude. Loving this new piece with all its Autumn-ness. Trying on some new ways of creating around here and it feels really, really good.

Fall is here and it feels like a long extended exhale. Lately, I’ve been taking really long epson salt baths and falling into a new sort of gratitude meditation while soaking. It’s a new practice for me, and I’m loving the simplicity of it. Soak, recount the blessings from the day. Repeat. Something about soaking while soaking in the days gratitude feels especially soothing and good for my heart.

I thought I’d share some recent gratitude happenings around here lately:

We recently celebrated 13 yrs of marriage, 15 years of total togetherness. I am so grateful we made it all the way here, to a place where we have learned that there are precious highs and inevitable lows, and that the real commitment and love and friendship and togetherness is being ALL IN throughout the ebb and flow and realness of the journey. I count my lucky stars to be in it with him. And I’m honored, proud of the work we’ve done together in this life. Here’s to love. 

This photo cracks me up. But it’s the only one I got on the big day when I signed a lease for a gorgeous new studio/office space in this old high school from the 1800s that is currently being restored and renovated. Think high ceilings, chalkboard walls, pencil sharpeners still fastened to the walls, giant wide hallway spaces with lockers, and a cool auditorium for events. The building will house lots of creative businesses in the old classrooms and I am thrilled to be a part of it! We move in early next year. This feels BIG, scary, exciting. I will create, work, and offer workshops in this space for the next three years (and maybe more!). How cool is that? Major gratitude for this new leap. 

Really grateful that we live near a vintage, fully operational skating rink, complete with 80s music, disco balls, and kids galore. I adore that John gave me pink skates for my birthday last year that come in handy these days. Also love how much True loves skating, too. Perfect family date. 

Super grateful to live in a place where hikes are a plenty with my family, where every shade of green is alive, and where ferns grow from tree trunks. The Pacific Northwest is a magical, magical place. 

I had a hard couple of weeks awhile back and I decided to put this sign (from Barn Owl Primatives) in my bathroom so it would be one of the first things I saw in the mornings. I’m grateful for the reminder, but also for the dark times. They are often where we begin to cultivate more breath, more room, more light in our lives. We can totally do hard things. Every single day.

(collaging with True)

(True’s flower)

(True’s first family portrait: Bella dog, Papa, True, Mama)
Super grateful for all the art True’s been making lately. Something has shifted, and he’s beginning to create drawings that look like things. Mainly flowers, and people. So cute! We created a gallery wall in our house where he can hang his art. I love the pride that comes across his face with each artwork tacked up to the wall. Man, I love that kid. 

Speaking of art and color, we’ve decided to take the leap and paint the white wall of our house. When we moved in earlier this year, we decided to live with the white walls, but after a few months of living here, we’re craving color. And so. The painting began this week! Above in our color palette – all from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Color selection. Love, and super excited to see how it all turns out. Grateful, grateful.

Always grateful when I stumble upon a message of hope during my walks. Lately I’ve been considering tacking up large cardboard signs to telephone polls that say things like you’re brilliant, you’re doing a great job, what you’re doing matters, don’t give up, simply begin. Hmmmmm, maybe I will do just that :).
ps: Speaking of gratitude, I am so thankful for the response to our big shop news. I am constantly amazed that I’ve been able to create a life as a full time working artist these last few years. And it’s because of you. Thank you

Sending much love,

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  1. Sally

    Hello, I am interested in your print Hello Gratitude, Hello Quiet and was wondering if you offer it in larger size 18×24 with the wood frame. I snsolutely live all of your art. It speaks to my soul and makes me smile. Thank you so much.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Sally! Nichole received your email regarding this and responded. Hope we helped!


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