The Wear Your Joy Project – an update!

Nov 10, 2014 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

One day I started to get more intentional about what I was wearing, choosing only to wear clothes that delighted my spirit and lit me up. And then I started to share my almost daily #dressedupinjoy selfies over on my Instagram feed. And then I invited others to join me, using #thewearyourjoyproject as the hashtag. This project has reminded how nothing in this life is superficial – but rather when our hearts speak, we gotta listen. We just never know where it will take us. In this case, it’s taken me to something bigger – it’s not about boots or pairing together perfect outfits. It’s about wearing our joy.

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It’s been about a year since I started this project, and it’s become an almost daily practice. Not unlike any other practice, like yoga or a gratitude practice, it’s deeply enriched my life. Who knew getting dressed could be a conscious meditation of bringing more joy and meaning to our ordinary days? 
I adore the community that’s participating, too, especially the tribe on Instagram using the #thewearyourjoyproject hashtag. It’s inspiring, and downright motivating.
This recent email about the project really struck me. It reminded me how sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring us back to our joy, and how joy doesn’t have any rules. It’s unburdened by the shoulds
I just had to tell you what this project means to me.   I lost my husband of 43 yrs a year ago.  Since then I have no interest in myself… I rarely put makeup on…just wear painty tees and ragged jeans.  Your “wear your joy ” project struck a cord with me.  It got me excited about putting on something that was FUN instead of the clothes that look like I’m going to Walmart.  I put on my red cowboy boots….and took myself to the hair dresser and got PURPLE streaks in my hair.  At 65 ( how could I be this old). I don’t want to dress like an old lady. I am an artist….who do I have to impress???  Maybe this is a sign that I can move ahead.  I’m gonna go shopping soon and find something that speaks to me….and I might wear it EVERYDAY if I find it….my husband would be proud….not too sure what he’d say about the purple hair…..but….WHY NOT!!! I just wanted you to know that your project touched someone deeply. Thank you. 

Below are a few recent photos that I wanted to share from this project. As you can see, it’s not about creating stellar, perfectly styled outfits. It’s really just about being conscious of getting dressed in whatever lights you up that particular day, even if it’s a pair of oversized overalls. No rules, friends. Only joy. 

For a girl who wore overalls non-stop in the 90’s, I cannot tell you how happy this purchase made me. Even better? I got them on Amazon

Dear yellow shoes, thank you for the invitation to get #dressedupinjoy. It was a wonky week of insomnia and a bit of nerves, but the shoes helped. They did! PS: They’re old Miz Mooz shoes. Love that brand. Again, I find them on Amazon here
Yellow, green, red, and turquoise shoes screen joy to me. You too? Again, these are super old (from 2007!) shoes, but I love this brand for their funky colors and styles. I get my Miz Mooz on Amazon

You guys, in the past few months I’ve bought overalls, my favorite pair of Doc Marten ruby red Mary Janes from high school, and now these Birkenstocks from my days in college. I’m either having a midlife crisis or channeling my younger self from the 90s. Either way, it feels good. 

Autumn has arrived. Which, you know, means the boots come out of hibernation. There are Old Gringo boots. Love, love, and more love. I’m a little obsessed. 

Thanks, friends. I’d love it if you joined in! Click here if you want to follow along on Instagram and join in (use #thewearyourjoyproject to tag your photos!). Also, I’m working on creating a 30 day e-course of prompts, inspiration, and community for The Wear Your Joy Project. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you want to know when it launches. .


Sending much love,

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