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Jul 3, 2012 | Home + Studio Tours, Studio Tours

How Cute Is That? is my mom’s favorite expression — and our ongoing home decor & DIY series. From aprons to attics to alternative offices, we’re breathing new life into anything old, sharing inspired ideas, and spinning mismatched scraps into charming decor. And YES, you can try this at home!

Kelly Rae: When I was setting up my office in a closet a couple of years ago, my mom suggested I use a suitcase to hold office supplies. A suitcase? I never got around to it, but I finally took her up on the suggestion when I moved into my new office.


Mom: I had this extra suitcase around the house – it’s not vintage, but rather a new one that I purchased from Pier One years and years ago – and offered it to Kelly Rae to use on her desk. I think a vintage suitcase would be super cute too.

Kelly Rae: What I love about this idea is that the suitcase has pockets to hold stuff, and it’s all right there, in easy view. I see suitcases like this at TJ Maxx and stores like that all the time. I love this idea! New or old suitcases could work…

Photo credit: Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon

Kelly Rae: I love it! Holds all my notebooks and pens and office supplies I grab on a constant basis. And it totally cutefies my desk, too. Practical + cute = awesome.

Mom: How seriously cute is that?

What you guys think? Do you have fun ideas for desk organization? We’d love to hear them!

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Sending much love,

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  1. Jamie

    i’m about to be mother to twin boys and am having to downsize my art life to make room for babies (i’m going to miss my 6 foot easel!). This suitcase idea is wonderful and I think I’ll try it out to keep my smaller art things close at hand.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Congratulations!! I have a feeling your easel will be back, but yes, this desktop suitcase makes things super easy!

  2. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Love it! You're a queen at "cutifing" everyday things.
    I love your mom's expression too. My BFF also says that!
    When I was a little girl I got an American Tourister Suitcase in lipstick red. I tried to sell it at my garage sale…no takers. I took it on a trip and one of my trip mates said it was vintage. After this, I think my 'vintage' lipstick red suitcase deserves a new life in my "studio."

    Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  3. Michelle

    So happy to see our Tattered Inspirations team featured on your blog! I was so inspired by this article that I just bought a red suitcase off eBay and am going to transform it into a desktop feature. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!
    Michelle xx

  4. Cindy Silverstein

    I love it! Must go out and find one of these! It will be a great focal point for my new studio decor! Thanks Kelli Rae and Mom!!!

  5. Sharyn

    So cute! Now I know what to do with my vintage leather case I bought off Etsy on a whim!! : )

  6. Sue

    Seriously cute. I mean it.Gotta do it.

  7. curlygirlpress

    Super fun! I've also seen suitcases used as mobile art studios in fun ways (and have a nifty red attache to convert myself someday soon).

  8. Anna

    I love this! I was thinking you were going to use it to store things with the lid closed.But Noooooo… one upped that idea ! Even better you left it open. Sad to say I never would have thought of that. Love it !(oh yeah, I already said that! Ha ha!)

  9. moonseazen

    I adore this idea! I love "small things" and creating little vignettes that have their own little worlds….thanks for sharing!

  10. Shahrul Niza

    The suitcase is insanely CUTE!!!. LOL. Love it, Kelly. Bliss.

  11. angie fraley

    So super cute! I think this would be a great way to also display items at any market fair or art show when exhibiting.

  12. Monica

    Thanks Kelly Rae's Mom! This is brilliant!
    I have previously made a portable studio out of a vintage leather traincase- what I love most of this idea is that you can keep on hand everything you use frequently! And in such a pretty way.

  13. Samantha Jenkins

    I agree ….that is very cute!!! How inspired is your mum?


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