How Cute Is That? Inspiring garden ideas

Jun 11, 2012 | Home + Studio Tours

How Cute Is That? is my mom’s favorite expression — and our ongoing home decor & DIY series. From aprons to attics to alternative offices, we’re breathing new life into anything old, sharing inspired ideas,  and spinning mismatched scraps into charming decor. And YES, you can try this at home!

An awesome idea found in a neighbors yard today.

Kelly Rae: Spotted these darling rainboots turned into the cutest garden containers ever on a neighbor’s stoop and thought I must do this, I must do this with these!

Mom: How seriously cute is that!


Kelly Rae: A peek into mom’s backyard. I love, love the idea of an old bike with a basket of flowers in the garden. Mom, how’d you come up with this brilliant idea?

Mom:  Since moving to Portland last summer and into the new house late in September, I am experiencing all of Portland’s seasons for the first time.  Nesting a little each month.  In Florida we had a bungalow and everything had a “spot.”  The hard part now is finding a “home” for some of our possessions.  In particular is an old tricycle purchased in the early 1980’s along with a saleman’s sample iron bed.

As time allows I rummage in the cluttered storage shed and drag out things.  Sometimes I say “why did we pay to bring this 3000 miles!??”  So I find a bike I love, a basket I used to love…hummmm


Kelly Rae: For those of you with, like, a ton of space for a full sized bed in your garden, this is for you. I spotted this gorgeous garden bed at one of my favorite nurseries in town. Awesome idea.

In moms backyard.

Kelly Rae: For those of you who have just a wee little garden space but still want the bed idea. This is another of mom’s garden projects that lives in her backyard. LOVE!

Mom:  This iron sample bed was used by salesman at the turn of the century making sales calls.  They traveled around with sample size beds (as well as many other pieces of furniture).  Kelly Rae had this doll bed in her room as a little girl.  It didn’t get much use as she was such a tom boy….preferring her bike and pink hot-wheels.   After seeing the big bed in a local nursery….another hummmm.

Kelly Rae: As we were putting together this post, the image above came through Pam’s instagram feed. OMG, we’re in sync. Love this idea of using vintage trucks and cars for garden containers. BRILLIANT!
How cute is that!
Happy gardening, friends!

xo, Kelly Rae + Mom

ps: Looking for other unique garden container ideas? Check out this google image search.
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Sending much love,

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  1. Jeremy Beauregard

    I agree. They’re cute ideas! Anyone can have their own version. All you need to do is see the decoration potential of old or broken things. You can even punch holes on coffee cans, put citronella candles inside, and then hang them. Voila! You have instant lights! 😀

  2. Dale Jesson

    I have an outdoor storage shed and these ideas would dress up the backyard so much more!

  3. Katy

    Amazing ideas! It’s really fun to recycle things and make beautiful garden ornaments out of it. Besides the innate beauty of the flowers, the recycled decors made it look even more awesome! I hope this one would serve as an inspiration to everyone to push forward to a more beautiful, cleaner and greener environment.

    Katy Eagles

  4. Jamie Keifer

    That's a very brilliant idea, Kelly. It only shows that we can use any material or object for gardening, for as long as it can provide comfort for the plants. Just make sure the container is bigger than the plant. This way, it can give them more room to grow.

  5. Maureen Hayes

    I ever would have thought of any of these ideas and yet they are all wonderful! Thanks to you and your Mom for sharing! Unfortunately, I have a dreaded "black thumb" but I still love dreaming of having a beautiful garden anyway!

  6. Tejae: Heart Shaped Art

    Makes me want to move to the country! i love the little tricycle…awww your mom is brilliant!

    hugs from colorado
    tejae ♥

  7. Unknown

    Makes me want to move to the country! i love the little tricycle…awww your mom is brilliant!

    hugs from colorado
    tejae ♥

  8. EK

    I can't decide which I like best… they are all so fabulous!!

  9. catina jane

    i really love this series! and love that you & your mom are in on it together! fab!

  10. Michelle Webb

    It gives a brand new meaning to flower bed! That is the cutest little bed I've ever seen! Michelle x


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