How Cute is That: Put Feet on It…

Jul 11, 2012 | Home + Studio Tours

How Cute Is That? is my mom’s favorite expression — and our ongoing home decor & DIY series. From aprons to attics to alternative offices, we’re breathing new life into anything old, sharing inspired ideas, and spinning mismatched scraps into charming decor. And YES, you can try this at home!

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Mom's house tour, good idea #1

Mom: If you’ve ever watched Portlandia, then you know the infamous reference of  “put a bird on it and call it art.”  Well, I admit I put birds on everything and call it art.  I also put feet on everything.Kelly Rae: It’s true. My mom puts feet on everything.


Mom: I love buying storage boxes from Target, and putting feet on them.  Why not…it’s a nice way to add a unique touch to something store bought.


Mom: For “feet”, I mostly use glass or ceramic drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby or Home Depot or even Target and Anthropology.  I’ve also used old metal bobbins, old wheels, glued-together buttons, and antique doorknobs.   It’s probably an obsession.  Adding a little bit of whimsy to everyday items and décor will make you smile.

Kelly Rae: So simple, but so cute!

Mom: There are several ways to attach them – the quick and easy glue gun, a screw, or a more permanent glue such as liquid nails or super glue.  I prefer the glue gun just for the sake of instant gratification.  I’ve even hot glued feet on an old white meat patter and served cookies on it.  If you use a glue gun instead of permanent adhesive, soaking in hot water will remove the feet after a party.Untitled

Mom: The pictures in this post share just some of the many ways to be a little be quirky with feet.  Look around your house and put feet on it!

These feet were attached to the vintage suitcase with screws – awesome DIY table!


UntitledMy mom put foot bookends on a suitcase to create a coffee table. BRILLIANT.

(these feet are actually bookends – awesome idea)
Kelly Rae: How cute is that! Thanks to my mom for her brilliant feet inspiration!

What you guys think? Do you ever put feet on your store bought items? We’d love to see and hear your ideas!


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Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    I had a feeling that feet would help my home, thanks for the confirmation and instruction!

  2. Shahrul Niza

    Hi, Kelly!. After so many months since reading this cute post, I gave it a try. Put feet on my buttons caddy!. I must find more these wee feet from flea market soon :). TFS!

  3. Nina W.

    What an adorable idea. I like it!!

  4. Kim Gann

    Feet are cute on everything. I have always been drawn to furnishings with feet. Take a painted gourd and glue wooden balls to the bottom (the balls have a flat side). They make an adorable candy bowl.

  5. Laly Blue

    The suitcase/table is an amazing idea! It would make a great little table for kids to play on, draw etc… Might even be great for their Lego blocks!

  6. Alicia

    I put legs on anything I can turn into a planter just to get it off the ground in style.

  7. Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure

    Well, yeah, doesn't everybody put feet on things? I love the thought!
    I don't know how I arrived here, but I am so glad I did. Your work and words have made me happy today and I will be back! Your art is to the moon and back, love it! Best, Vicki

  8. Maureen Hayes

    First of all, would your mom be willing to adopt me?! 🙂

    Secondly, I loved all the ideas, but especially the legs n the vintage suitcase. I have staked several of them and used it as a table, but this is so clever and pretty, you can bet I will copy it!

    Where did you get those beautiful crystal knobs you used for the first several photos?

    Love this feature!


    Oh so cute, I just want to come and spend a weekend with you two creative gals. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Yee Haw from Calgary,Can.
    Kelly you would love it here it is the 100th Anniversary of the Stampede and there are cowboy boots everywhere!

  10. Theresa Lummer

    That is cute! Way cute! I have not put feet on items, but I sure am now! Thank you for such a cute idea!

    Would you tell me where you found the planter? I have been looking for one that is narrow like that.

    Happy Cute!

  11. Giggles

    I love it!! Wonderful fun idea! I especially love those glass nobs, and the cool suitcase table!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Not too late! Send me an email and we'll sort it!

    I have no idea why they aren't pinnable. Let me see if I can figure that out!

  13. Puanani

    Love. I put casters on EVERYTHING, but I like the wee feet. Hey, is it too late to order a Library from your pops? I'd much rather have on from a local source…Xoxo

  14. Karen Pottinger

    I love the "How Cute is that" series – but a quick question Kelly Rae – I tried to Pin this idea (with proper credit to you and your mom of course) but the images aren't pinnable – is this on purpose that you have set up most of your site images so they can't be pinned?
    thank you!

  15. Shahrul Niza

    I'm always thrill to read 'How cute is that' posts, every single time!. Lovely ideas. Happy feet indeed. :)) Hugs.

  16. Renee

    I haven't ever done that but I sure will be! Super cute idea – thanks!

  17. Carol (honeywine)

    what would also be cute are the Indian painted ceramic feet I buy sometimes on Ebay – they would be like little flowers totally cute I think

    Great idea – thanks so much
    Carol Mead
    Tattered Inspirations


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