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I know I say this every six months, but this is my favorite product launch yet. It really, really is. All of these products are brand new additions to the Kelly Rae Roberts Collection with Demdaco. As always, Demdaco has knocked it out of the park, but there is something about these newest products that shine. They’re beautifully designed, high quality, sturdy, and just lovely.

All of these products are making their way into stores now, but you can find just about ALL of these products right now, right here online. 

Let me give you a tour!


The mugs. THE MUGS! I am in love. Six different designs. Amazing full color art all the way around the mugs. Awesome.

The explorer one above is my favorite, but I definitely think this one is the best for giving to a dear friend. This one too. LOVE!

Besides the mugs, my next favorite new product are these photo frame wall art pieces. You get the wall canvas + the wooden frame + a spot to hold a photograph ALL IN ONE! These are super substantial, sturdy pieces of home decor. I cried when I fist saw them. I’m not going to lie. I love them that much and it makes me incredibly happy to see my artwork applied in such gorgeous ways (thanks, Demdaco).

I have this frame up in our dining room. When True saw it for the first time he said “Whoa! Cool!”. They’ve been in the works for a long time. So happy to have them a part of the collection. There are three of them. One. Two. Three.


Swoon! Pillows. With ruffles!

I am in love the dream big one. I’ve got it on my office chair – a perfect, comfortable reminder to dream big. It’s available here and the others are over here.


In addition to adding pillows and mugs to the collection, we’ve also added decorative plates. I cannot underestimate how gorgeous and well crafted these plates are.

The images under the glass just pop with depth and color. Love, love, love. And yep, they’ve got them over in their online shop. My favorite? This one.


We’ve added an entire new collection of bookmarks, and let me just say this: with their word charms, velvet ribbon, and colorful beads, these metal bookmarks SHINE.

I’m using this one to mark my spot in my weekly calendar. The added word charms totally take the cake for me. Perfect. And price is phenomenal for what you get.

Yep, they’ve got them over here for sale 🙂


We’ve added seven new wall canvases as well with my favorite (maybe of all time, even) being this large one.

Here is another shot of a fave.

You’ve heard me go on and on already about the cuff bracelets. Enough said. MY FAVORITE THING EVER! And if you missed out on buying one, then you can head over here where they’ve got them all in stock. 

ps: If Garden Gallery Works is sold outt you can find the bracelets by googling “kelly rae roberts bracelets”


We’ve added three new decorative art girlies to the collection as well. I’m thinking these might be my favorite. Large, sturdy, and they can either hang or stand. I have loved these ever since they debuted a couple of years ago.

This one is my new favorite one. It reads, “Dear World, Thank you of your smallest of moments that bring the greatest of beauty. Thank you for your stars, your light, and your soulful hearts that make living worth all the love you hold.” Available here. 

And this one reads,” Dreams, unspoken or not are living whispers inside our hearts. Our whole life’s potential lies in the spaces between these whispers. Our dreams want us to say yes, to speak their truth.” Available here. 

If you’re looking for more decorative art girlies, they’ve got them.

Last but definitely not least, we’re introducing these AWESOME metal wing sculptures. Friends, these are crazy cool.

I’ve got this one hanging in my studio – not the best photo, but you get the idea. I just LOVE these…They’re big, but not huge. And the color is awesome. Comes with chain OR keyhole hanger on the back if you don’t prefer the chain.

They’ve got these in stock over here and here.

That’s everything! Huge thanks to the good folks at Demdaco who do such an amazing job. And a huge thanks to the sales force who sell the line. I am forever grateful. Crazy grateful.
And we’re so grateful to YOU for continuing to embrace the products and bring them into your lives, and your homes. Seriously thankful.

Hi, I'm Kelly Rae Roberts!

Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint and everything changed. Now I’m a full-time artist, author and Possibilitarian, who helps women explore their creativity, nourish their souls and build a thriving creative business.

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