the hustle for worthiness

Mar 9, 2010 | Life in Progress

(me + brene, summer 09, photo by karen walrond)
earlier this week brene’s new dvd, the hustle for worthiness, arrived in the mail. although brene is a friend, i’ve never seen her give one of her infamous lectures (she is nationally known as an amazing speaker) and i was really looking forward to finally watching her in action on this dvd.
as i started to watch it, john was in the adjacent room working on his computer. every two minutes or so, he’d shout across to the living room “what did brene just say?” and “what is she talking about again?” finally, he was so intrigued that he came into the living room to watch the whole thing with me.
this is the part where i tell you that brene’s lecture grabbed us, that she has a way of reaching your heart with her stories of meaning and humor, that we kept pausing the dvd every couple of minutes to discuss what we were learning from her. before i knew it, john and i were having full on heartful conversations about our worthiness, whether our internal dialogues were shame vs guilt centered, when we feel most seen, and how all of that affects our interactions within our marriage and our other relationships. i loved that she talks about her research on women and men. there is a story she tells in the dvd about her resistance to studying men and how she finally decided to include them in her research. it’s a story i won’t soon forget and one that absolutely resonated with john and unlocked big aha moments for both of us.
john and i have been together 11 years. i thought i pretty much knew his soul pieces, that he knew mine, but this dvd awakened conversations (we’re still talking about it, days later) between the two of us that widened our understanding for one another. and it unexpectedly gave us tools to recognize all those internal messages and stories we tell ourselves, some of them dating back to our 10 year old selves. i am so grateful! we’ve been texting her all week, “thank you brene! we’ve learned so much!”
as john and i begin our journey into parenthood, i can’t help but translate everything i’m learning right now into the filters of this journey. these are life long conversations. life long lessons. and so important to the whole of who we are meant to be.
to learn more about brene and her work, head on over to her website. and to learn more about her dvd or how to get yours, head on over right here. i’m not kidding, peeps. watch it with those you love. you will learn so much about yourself and those around you. also, head on over to brene’s blog where she’s inviting you to share your stories of worthiness!
ps-thank you so much for all the pregnancy love. in my inbox. on facebook. on twitter. it was so joyous to finally spread the word out in cyberspace (so many of you knew – i’m not the best at hiding the obvious). we feel surrounded by such support and love. it’s amazing. thank you! i have so much to share on pregnancy, on making our decision to have babies, and how my world has changed these last many weeks. more soon!

Sending much love,

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