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Jul 15, 2010 | Life in Progress


i’ve been chuckling about my craziness lately and wanted to give you a glimpse into my life these days. it goes something like this:

7 – 8am: wake up, shower (if i’m lucky) and head straight to annie’s donuts for a chocolate glazed donut and tea. don’t worry, lots of protein and nourishment come later in the day 🙂
8-9am: deliver donuts to crew working at the house. walk through renovation site. take note of a million things that still need to be done. make a list a mile long (every day) of things to pick up, find, research, and purchase asap in order for project to get done. tiny things like how many hinges and door stoppers we need are taking up way too much of my brain space – omg.
9-1pm: run renovation project errands. sit in traffic. make more lists. get very excited. get frustrated. text message my contractor with subject lines like “a note from your favorite hormonal pregnant lady” or “mayday mayday, flooring disaster” or “bathroom sconces: up or down?”
1-3pm: back at renovation house. drop off stuff. check on stuff. more lists. get excited. frustrated. take pictures! eat all day long, small meals.
3-8pm: work at cafe. finally check the day’s emails (if i’m lucky). continue to work only on super high priority projects/emails. i’m working on something super awesome at the moment and i can’t wait to share it with you, hopefully in the next week or so.
8 – 9pm: meet john at renovation site. close up the house, prioritize projects for the next day. look at each other and wonder how it will all possibly come together by our move in date of july 31st. exhausted and thrilled all at once. check voice mails and texts that have come in that day. realize that i never called so+so back, or forgot such and such at the store, or (gasp!) totally flaked on that deadline, or or or….
9 – midnight: email contractor, make more lists. daydream about our baby (all day long). work on secret project. have some ice cream. collapse in bed.
gift beat
, the kelly rae roberts collection with demdaco was ranked #1 in the wall art category in GiftBeat’s July issue. giftbeat is an industry newsletter that gathers data on how products are selling in stores nationwide. being ranked #1 in the wall art category is huge news and it means that retailers nationwide are selling the wall art collection like wild fire. i can seriously hardly believe it. #1. holy smokes. holy moly. holy cow. holy mackerel. i will never forget this time in my life. ever. also, i share that top ranking with fellow demdaco artist carol roeda who is delightful in every way and whose magnetic wall art line (called embellish your story) is incredibly inventive and hugely successful.

Sending much love,

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