Aug 8, 2007 | Life in Progress

(a teeny tiny sneak peek at book art)

if you were to come visit me anytime in the last several days, you’d find me in my painting clothes, hair pinned up, music on (loving the be good tanyas lately), the house in complete disarray. i would be alone, missing my man whose been in colorado for the past week and my dog would be sprawled out our our bed, asleep and happy. you’d see several dried out tea bags on the counter, mail piled up, even delivered boxes unopened. you’d find me up late, late late into the wee hours of the morning with dried paint and gel medium all over my hands. it’s been a cocooned world around here lately. the weather has been blissfully reminiscent of the northwest and i’m loving every moment of it.

i found inspiration, and she has me focused and not at all worried or concerned with anything else. tomorrow, i return to the real world, to the radiation/oncology clinic where i will inevitably be inspired some more. then, john returns home. and the inspiration continues. then the weekend arrives with a day off just for play for the two of us.

i know myself well. just when the curve of life tilts down, it’s back up again with a view of the horizon. i notice when i chat with my friends lately, i’m talking a lot about my stuff. my hard. my guts. my alone-ness. my moodiness that seems to have permeated the tone of my life lately. talking helps. having good, solid, non-judgmental friends who have known me forever helps. it’s part of what gives way to inspiration which is the ultimate healer.

Sending much love,

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  1. Caroline Frazier


    I saw a few of your figurines on QVC and wondered if you have the same figurines in African American skin tones?

    I just love them.

    Caroline Frazier

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Caroline, Thank you for writing. Sadly, the manufacturing companies that I partner with do not produce the angels in a full range of skin tones. It’s something I advocate for when partnering with any company, and I know we can do better. Super appreciate your kindness. xo

  2. Kel x

    Hi Kelly, I’ve been hearing your name alot, on other blogs I read and finally found my way here, only to find in your banner one of the images that really stood out for me in the Artfest gallery last year. I’ve spent too much time reading through your previous post – I should be packing for tomorrow’s flight, but I keep on reading!

  3. kelly

    the be good tanyas rock. i just bought one of their cd’s. but my favorite song wasn’t on the cd, so now i will just have to buy one of the others!

  4. melanie

    i love it when inspiration moves in, skewing our world to serve our muse, finding comfort in creativity while the outside world seems indeed worlds away.

    i can’t help but feel that amazing things are happening for you during this burst of inspiration!!

  5. Frida

    Inspired and focused and happy – that’s a great place to be. I love what you observe about the curve of life – I see my own curves and cycles and patterns as well and I also agree about the importance of solid, non-judgmental friends.


  6. melissa

    Sounds like you are in the creative zone. I can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

  7. Lina

    Did ya go to ArtsyMama?? What a fun thing to do. I have about 20 projects i have to do now, lol..lots of inspo and ideas today…yay!!

  8. mati

    i’m so glad you’ve found ms. inspiration and she you:)

  9. Ladyv

    oh, if you like the tanyas…i must recommend po’ girl to you. the banjo player from the tanyas is one member of po’ girl and its some of the most lucious soulfull music!

    and its lovely that you are feeling so inspired!

  10. deirdre

    It’s wonderful to be in that place where inspiriation leads us through the hard stuff. And you’ve been so productive.

  11. Swirly

    How funny – I have been listening to the Be Good Tanyas too! I love envisioning you creating like a mad woman. You are inspiring me to get the now paint-covered apron you gave me and do the same!

  12. Steph

    It seems like you’ve found the perfect way to channel your energy! I look forward to reading more! Namaste.

  13. Lina

    Don’t you love going to sleep with paint on your hands though?? I am happiest with the work that comes from late nights alone in my studio working because i can’t not…

  14. wilsonian

    BGT’s Blue Horse is a fave of mine… perfect for cocooning. Glad you found the zone, or that the zone found you. In the end it doesn’t matter which way it happens 🙂


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