Weekly Update – We Must Create The Experiences We Need

Jun 8, 2017 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Wednesday, May 31

THAT was super fun.

Thursday, June 1

I do love it here, dear Oregon. But I’m heading for you today, California. Let the adventures begin for birthday girl @leigh.standley.

Well friends. I’ve landed in LA but we’ve been sitting on the tarmac for over 40 minutes now. So I’m sitting here going through photos and found this on our living room. So loving how @matirose’s painting in the background was meant for this room. And the yellow chairs that I scored from a sample sale still me me swoon.

Friday, June 2

I made it to Ojai, CA. People, it’s gorgeous here. After a couple of intense weeks with little rest, this is what my soul ordered up. I’m in full blown gratitude for the weather here, the sounds of the birds and the breeze, this freaking amazing hammock, and the inspiring women I’m here with. No alarm clocks. No to-dos.

Saturday, June 3

I am staying in the loveliest of lovely guest houses. The Love Wins guest house. It’s been a loooonnnnngggg time since I’ve been able to relax and lounge like this. It feels amazing. I can hardly believe my luck. Soaking it in.

Sunday, June 4

The goodness of this long weekend in Ojai continues to nurture. Man, I need more of this. We all do.

Monday, June 5

I arrived home last night from my long weekend in Ojai. Swipe to see some of my favorite captures. I’ve tagged them as well 🙂
Many many years ago a friend and I invited a couple of women we knew (and many we didn’t know, but admired from afar) to join us for a long weekend on the beautiful Oregon Coast. That gathering changed my life. For me, it was a sacred experience of turning loneliness into belonging. And I learned a great lesson: we must must must create the experiences we most need in our lives. Creating that gathering of women all those years ago was pivotal for me in a million ways.
Fast forward nine years and I am on the other end of a similar experience except I’m one of the women invited. I love that Leigh had a vision: to gather her boss lady friends, many of whom didn’t know one another, but who would understand each other’s lives as a woman in biz and all the ups and downs that comes with that.
I had the best time.
I made new friends who understand.
I relaxed and fell in love with a hammock. I slept.
I ate incredible food.
I feel well-fed, nourished, and I’m reminded of that great lesson from years ago: we must must must create the experiences we most need. And we must allow ourselves the gifts that are offered our way.

Sending much love,

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  1. Susanne

    What a wonderful weekend you have all had.
    How amazing that your original idea of gathering your friends and inspiring women together for a weekend retreat has now turned full circle and you are the invited inspirational lady 🙂 thank you for sharing your lovely photos of the precious time you all had . I would love to take part of something like that.
    Warmest best wishes,


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