introducing 5×5 affirmation collages….

May 25, 2008 | My Creative Practice

i’d like to introduce a little collection i’ve been working on – sweet little 5×5 affirmation collages. i made one for myself, and then i made a couple more as gifts, and then i became joyfully obsessed and went a bit nutty making more and more. so, here i am…introducing them to you and making them available for sale (i hope you like these as much as i do). below are a couple of my favorites, but i’ve made more than a dozen – all viewable and available for purchase in my etsy shop.

i’m loving these as meaningful gifts (they fit inside any standard 5×5 frame or mat), either to ourselves or to other dear ones. the one i made for myself is sitting on my dresser as a sweet, colorful reminder to leap, to fly. i’m also loving these little guys paired together as a collection on the wall. here are some photos of how i’ve arranged them in our home ….(to give you ideas on how you can display them). the black frames came from michaels – super affordable and cute, no?

this is the one i made for myself. it sits on my dresser..totally loving it.

here are a couple that i’ve paired together over an old apple ladder that now holds our beloved quilt collection.
a single reminder sitting atop a couple books and journals by the windows. this one would make a great cover for a gratitude journal..
a small collection on the wall – i really do love groupings.
i’ve made about 15 of these little guys. above is a snapshot of most of them. get em while you can….available here!

more soon. been in the studio the last couple of days painting up a storm. feels so, so good. happy holiday weekend to you!

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. kirsten

    these little beauties are just delicious. so inspired & lovely, really.

    i’ve got my own kelly rae print (“tell your story”) hanging in my bedroom so i see it & find inspiration in it every day.

    thanks for continuing to make such fabulous & affirming art!

  3. Debra W

    Keep affirming life! Your work is just lovely.


  4. pattie…love affirmations!!
    I do them every day in my journal!
    These are GREAT!

  5. Julie @ Letter9

    I think “Fly” and “Free” are my favorites.

  6. Dale

    Oh kelly i absolutely LOVE these! They combine the delicious textures of papers and bright colours from many of your previous works i’ve seen, with a fresh, uplifting feeling. Great job!

  7. stephanie t.

    Lovely lovely!! Positively Lovely!!

    I am a big supporter of affirmations (remember all those grad lectures on the subject? Oy!)

    A dear blog friend sent me the website, Rita and years ago…I now receive daily affirmation emails…and there are some days when they come in mighty handy!!

  8. Katrina

    these are adorable, kelly rae! exciting to see your new work. they seem like tiny excerpts of your larger paintings. fun to see you focusing on text and to see all that lovely collage work taking center stage. congrats, congrats, congrats. sending LOVE to you and your studio too.


    I am planning a trip to Michaels this week to get a frame for mine that is on its way 🙂 I see your vintage clocks on your dresser….I collect vintage alarm clocks as well….just love ’em. Looking forward to finding a special place for ‘deeply loved.’ Thanks, Kelly….

  10. Bijous Whimsy's Blog

    such beautiful little jewels, I hope I can buy one of your pieces someday. I love the mixing of uplifting words in imagery and you do it perfectly. Thanks once again for the inspiration.

  11. justagirl

    They are ever so sweet, I love them in their frames too. My favorite is the fly one.

  12. Rekoj

    Oh wow Kelly – these are lovely! And I bet that they are such a joy for you to make!
    It’s also a treat to see little corners of your artful and colorful home. Happy creating indeed!

  13. Lisa

    these look great. i love them!

    i made a treasury yesterday and included you.
    its “i love their art and i love their blogs”
    i think it looks really nice.

  14. Heather

    WOW, these are so beautiful, and they make such an impact! They are gorgeous on their own and framed! Im loving them!!

  15. Lucy

    Great pieces Kelly, I think your affirmation collages are a great way to expand your line of artwork. I’m sure many will be starting collections with the pieces!

  16. Erika Tysse

    These are fantastic! Have admired your work for awhile now, and was so pleased to read about your book! I, too, have gone back to paper collage after working some years with canvas. It is so relaxing as well as rewarding! Thanks for sharing.

  17. liz elayne lamoreux

    brilliant my friend, really, really brilliant. love the colors and the words…

    hope you are having a beautiful weekend…off to bed so i can sew, sew, sew some more tomorrow.


  18. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    These are lovely, Kelly! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book, girl! Hope you had a fun getaway ~ xo

  19. Annie

    Beautiful and calming. You are truly talented!

  20. Alex S

    Hey! Laini and I saw that lampshade at IKEA last week! and beautiful prints!!

  21. Valerie Lorimer

    I absolutely love the affirmation collages – and your blog and all your other wonderful artwork. I’m a big fan!

  22. Christianne

    oh. my. gosh. these are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND DELICIOUS!!

    sigh. i love your style — both what you create and the spaces you create in your home. for instance, that little ladder that holds the quilts is so adorable. and those old-style alarm clocks on your dresser . . . so cute!

    i agree — these are perfect little affirmation collages. i love the way you’ve displayed them in frames with mattes!

    ps: my little kelly rae print (“tell your story”) has been hanging on the wall in a little corner of my house that i’ve been preparing for a long time to make into my own little studio space. i was just waiting for the perfect little desk to fit into the nook. a couple weeks ago, i finally found it. so now my kelly rae print has good company — a beautiful dark wood antique desk, my computer, some books, a journal, my bible, another great print from one of my best friends . . . and me! i sit here in this corner every day for a few hours at least. i’m so glad my kelly rae print now has company in this corner over here. 🙂


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