wish: a painting

Mar 12, 2008 | My Creative Practice

(this is an older painting i decided to rework a bit. it’s called “wish”… prints on my etsy. )

loving the longer days around here. i haven’t been terribly motivated to do much. in fact, i very much long for all things comfort lately: lazy days, chocolate, movies, long walks, maybe some shopping. although i haven’t been indulging in all the above, i can feel my oomph slipping away a bit, as if i’m a bit tired, a bit blah. i still feel my dreams + possibilities are endless, i’m just not feeling it so brightly lately. so yeah, that’s where i’m at.

and how might you lovelies be? anybody else losing their oomph this week? or are are you feeling inspired?

Sending much love,

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  1. Dale

    this looks really great! I love the wood-like texture along the bottom. Beautiful 🙂

  2. The Bag Lady's Art

    I just wanted to let you know that your latest article in CPS really hit home for me this week. I had three of my Kelly Rae technique inspired pieces in that issue, they are my first published work. Since then I have gotten word that I will be having several things published in Stampers Sampler this summer including a guest artist feature in the Aug/Sept issue. I am so excited but kinda scared too and your article struck a cord with exactly what I’m feeling right now. The latest news for me is that CPS has contacted me about a proposed idea for an article and I am now in the process of writing that. So I am going to write some confirmations when these self doubts start nagging at me and keep forging ahead in this artistic journey! Thank you for your inspiring words and work!
    Pam Carriker

  3. jacki janse van rensburg

    jip, totally oomphless too. here we are getting the beginnings of autumn! i hadn’t popped in to your blog for a while, and had to read quite a few posts to catch up. made me realize once again that i love your writing! hope you feel oomphy again soon!

  4. pERiWinKle

    i think to get your oomphh back you and your lovely man need to go away for a weekend…just to two of you! xx

  5. Tammy

    Thanks Kelly for being so lovely and sparkly and inspiring! I love your art, and your CPS articles helped me create 2 of my most favorite paintings.(one of my 5 year old daughter and her bright spirit dispite her autism)Thank you so much for putting your love out there! I can’t wait for my etsy prints to come! Wishing you JOY and creative excitement this week! Tammy

  6. Anonymous

    Hello Kelly,

    I’m writing to you from Ontario Canada. We’re still getting snow here and Spring feels much too far away. I am completely “oomphless” but looking at your two prints I purchased and framed brings a smile to my face and gives me hope for a renewed creative chapter in my life…I truly believe that it is during times of puttering that great ideas emerge…be still in your lack of oomph and enjoy it!

    Danielle xo

  7. Cynthia

    The oomph is gone for sure! The sunshine (especially in the evenings) makes me feel so light! I felt bad at first for not being ‘productive’ with it, but screw it! I am redefining ‘productive’ to include only bubble baths, reading, and relaxing with a cup o’ tea. Enjoy!

  8. Rekoj

    I’m blaming daylight savings – as in I keep waking up wanting to sleep another hour, but then come evening time I’m all jazzed and can’t get to sleep at all. Silly silly time changes!

    Of course, being ridiculously excited for Artfest isn’t helping either… but that falls into more of the inspiration and oomph category =)

    Hopefully your oomph comes and finds you again before then. I have faith that it will!

  9. justagirl

    Had lots of plans to do lots today, but have ended up with a cold so am doing nothing. As the nights draw in I am feeling the need to be busy and get things done.

  10. Jess

    Strangely, I’ve been having a bit of a moan on my blog earlier today about a similar thing. I feel brimming with ideas, then all the oomf goes away and I sit and eat 😉

  11. katydiddy

    I’m with you. I had a rare day home alone this weekend and spent it laying on the couch, watching old movies. I felt insanely guilty by the end of the day. Perhaps we just emerging from our winter hibernation?

  12. sperlygirl

    that’s always the challenge, isn’t it – maintaining ‘the ooomph’. i feel inspired trouble is finding the time to actually work with that has been a losing battle lately. your painting is lovely!

  13. Anonymous

    Love the painting! I am enjoying the two prints I purchased a few months ago–I even framed the small certificates–I have my own Kelly Rae Gallery in my room–“Serendipity.”

    Maybe the reason the “ooomph” has departed is daylight savings time. Most of my work mates are dragging their wagon. I’m not ready to go to sleep and, for sure, not ready to get up. 🙂 Penny in Missouri


    yes, I think my “ooomph” is taking a break now too….haven’t had the time, nor drive, to create art in TOO MANY days….don’t ya just hate it when life interferes?….BTW…WISH is LOVELY….and I have really been enjoying your articles in Cloth, Paper, Scissors…hope there are more to come.

  15. debbie v

    Love your latest stuff!! I just picked up CPS and I cant thank you enough for the articles you are writing. For someone who is still trying to find their way and my own little groove as an artist…your tips are so helpful!
    I tagged your blog…cuz I want everyone to know about your awesome work…so check it out and let us know some crazy silly stuff about you!

  16. Marilyn Rock

    Love your “Wish”! I think my oomph has been lost due to our weather here in upstate NY. Our basement flooded and took away my creative spirit for awhile. We are slowly drying out and I hope to get back to my muse 🙂

  17. Jennifer Valentine

    I love. love. love this painting Kelly Rae…I am certain it is one of my favorites!

  18. Leslie

    On the contrary, I finally feel a bit of oomph coming back after a long absence. Maybe it’s the fact that spring is in the air. The first baby green leaves are emerging. Some trees are in flower. The sun is bright…

    Or maybe it’s just that I’ve been pushing ahead despite my lack of oomph, starting a blog, learning some new mixed media techniques through a class at Joggles, experimenting (and failing) with dyeing some fabric, acknowledging my dreams…

    I think an oomphful time is about to begin for me. Since your paintings and blog have been a part of my getting there, I’ll be sure to send some oomph your way!

  19. Brahdelt

    Maybe you should indulge more into all those nice comfy things and the inspiration will come back faster than you think! *^v^* I feel quite motivated these days and I’m even working on some new paintings after a long break, yikes! =^v^=
    Good luck!

  20. Deirdre

    Not feeling inspired here either, but the weather makes me want to throw open all the windows and clean closets. There must be some creative value to that. I hope.

  21. BigCat

    My oomph is totally gone this week. I am currently avoiding work that I need to do and browsing around at a few of my favourite blogs.

    Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that if I were able to just do the things I loved everyday (make art, write) then I would have endless supplies of oomph, inspiration, and other such goodies. It is a helpful reminder to read that of course we all get it. It makes me want to say to you – don’t fight it, just be – which in turn makes me want to take that good advice also.

    I was watching a movie the other night (Reversable Errors) and there was a great quote that went something along the lines of “it’s not about getting what you want, it’s about wanting what you get”. So true. I need to be better at wanting what I get.

    On that note, I suppose it is back to work.

    Happy lazy days to you.

  22. Dawn

    Yeah, I’m with ya on losing the oomph! I seem to have these periods of a couple of weeks where I just can’t get motivated AT ALL. I feel like I’m floundering when I do this. It’s usually times when I don’t have any immediate deadlines. It’s really frustrating!

    Hang in there…your oomph WILL come back!


  23. kelly

    i love it! but i always dig your art. my oldest is flying out to san francisco for interviews! very exciting. but i really am not as old as that makes me sound.

    i am good and i am so glad to see you painting!


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