sisters in heart

Feb 22, 2008 | My Creative Practice

“sisters in heart”  – prints on my etsy.
i am feeling such passion about collaboration these days. i’ve got some things in the works with a couple of friends and i’m just LOVING the connecting and scheming and collaborating. my friend kat (the austin based filmmaker) talks a lot about how she only chooses nice people to work with – from actors to producers to editors to film crews. because in the the end, even above skill sets and expertise, it’s so important to enjoy the people around you. i think it’s brilliant and i’ve often remembered it in my own life. when we surround ourselves with well hearted peeps, we get full hearts. it’s just how it works.

speaking of peeps and friends and collaboration, can i just say how much i love to hear enthusiasm in someones voice? from delivering good news, to responding to good news, i love when my friends share in the excitement of any given thing. my friend lisa is good about this. she’s taught me to really celebrate with a friend when they call with good news – to authentically get inside that moment with them and be joyous. we don’t get enough of that. so often, we give and get mediocre responses to joyous news, which quite frankly, leaves us all feeling a bit deflated, don’t you think? no matter where we might be in spirit (even if we’re struggling and we really don’t want to hear someone else’s good news), if we get into the heart of the joy and celebrate, we come out the other side feeling lighter. so, thank you, dear lisa for this truth. i’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. misty mawn

    i love this post Kelly Rae and feel so much the same! you said it so well!
    hope you are having a lovely winter!!! see you soon! 😉 xo

  3. Carmen

    What a beautiful piece. You are very talented!!!

  4. Patti G.

    Kelly, Your art style is just breath-taking! I love your flow and the sweetness that is captured in your artwork! Amazing!!!!

  5. PixieDust

    what a gorgeous painting, and a beautiful truth…


  6. Sherry

    Today’s art makes my heart sing!!!
    And yes, collaboration can be a wonderful experience — from what we put into it and what we can “take” from the other person’s offering.

    Just as you said about being inside someone else’s experience — totally experiencing their joy with them…or their sorrow.

    It is what gives life it’s substance.

  7. Cris Pansiera

    Hi Kelly!!! Just stopped by to thank you for the great article featured in Cloth Paper Scissors…You really inspired me to start growing through my blog….Have a great day!

  8. Jason Lethcoe

    Beautifully done. I can really sense the emotion in the piece.

  9. Deborah Truesdell

    Kelly, loving the new artwork! Isnt’ it nice to be blessed with sisters of the heart to share your world with?! Thanks for reminding us to seek the light and joy!

  10. Marel Lecone

    After a week of work, where sometimes I feel like people think that I’m too nice. Or that my passion is uncalled for . . . or that my tears are ridiculous . . . thank you for making me feel like there are people out there that are more connected to me than I think possible. Have a great weekend.

  11. Kat Candler

    Nice people with big hearts rule. 🙂

  12. Gwen

    so true, kelly rae! love the art, and I am excited to hear about the project you keep alluding to. i love the idea of only working with positive people, too!

  13. Christianne

    such beautiful thoughts here. i love hearing your perspective on things. and i’m with you — inhabiting a moment with someone, whether it’s joy or grief, is so important to honor that person and the reality of their story and their life.

    ps: love the brilliant colors and textured feel of this art piece!!

  14. enchantedartist

    Oh…I so agree with you! I have encountered the most beautifully positive people since blogging…their kind hearts are so inspiring…

    Love you words…and your wonderful art. The world truly does need more of this.

  15. Katrina

    i agree completely about the collaboration and sharing in good news. and i just had a meeting last night about another round of collaborations for this dress project and at some point we all agreed, “it doesn’t matter what it looks like in the end. it’s about our process in collaborating and we’re fortunate to all feel so connected.” bliss, i tell you. bliss. (what an inspirational post. LOVE IT! thank you.)

  16. lisa {milkshake}

    It’s truly an amazing experience when you collaborate with someone who is like-minded. I’ve learned so much about friends while collaborating that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise!

    It also helps to get me out of the vacuum I feel like I live in sometimes (in regards to my work).

  17. Judy Wise

    Oops. Turns out I wasn’t done. I have a friend who pointedly guided me away from trying to fix mean people. (it was a problem I used to have.) By choosing to work with kind others exclusively we are not being unkind ourselves but just nudging the world in the right direction. Plus then you will always find yourself surrounded by goodness.

  18. Judy Wise

    Wow, Kelly, your work just keeps getting better and better. Today’s painting is just layers and layers of “how did she do that?” – wonderful!! xoxoxo

  19. katie

    lovely sisters piece, kelly, and congratulations on all the wonderful news and events that have happened for you of late!

    there is nothing like surrounding yourself with loving supportive people, gives life it’s sweetness and joy.

    look forward to seeing you at Artfest!

  20. Alexandra Knittel

    This is a really wonderful artwork. I love your style.

  21. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    I agree 100%. THe owrld is a tough place with people being comepetitive and mean and knocking on another down. It’s so good to have friends who will lift you up and truly be happy for you when soething good happens. Hold on to these folks with both hands! These are the folks in MY sacred circle! xo

  22. kelly

    so so true! i was just talking to miss christine about this yesterday. have you read her last entry? very warming to the soul. but when are the not.

    i am loving the new piece. for so many reasons. glad to see you are getting the fingers coated again!

  23. Tammigirl

    I love today’s art and today’s post. I too love to get into another persons enthusiasm and on the other hand find it odd when someone doesn’t react that way when I report good news. I think you are right on the money, investing ourselves in goodness only reaps more goodness.

  24. Lucy

    I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Surrounding yourself with positive people truly fills your heart with goodness and contentment.
    I like Lisa’s way of thinking–I’m sure it comes back to you and her many times over in joyous victory’s for both of you.


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