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Feb 19, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i’m longing to get my hands dirty and messy in paint. i want greens and blues and browns to spill onto my shoes. i want to lose time while collaging and painting big and small and wide. i want to make a mess. and i want to do it all while listening to my favorite tunes. i can feel the pullings of my inspiration. it’s been awhile. i think i needed the time to stretch in other ways, both personally and with other creative projects. but now, now i want to completely ignore my inbox and everything else on the to-do list and just play in the studio.

it’s sometimes hard to find the balance, isn’t it? between creative life (actually creating), business life (all the ins ands outs of this), personal life (self care), marriage (nourishment), and community (friends + family), i wonder how we do it all? for now, i’m all good. i’m figuring out a nice and steady flow – on my best days, anyway! and i have no idea how you moms do it – i have such admiration.
a friend recently reminded me that we can feel the variety of life all at once and how we don’t have to feel like we’re disappointing ourselves either way – that it’s totally okay to feel hectic and blissed out all at once. that we can be that crazy artist lady and be well centered all at once, too – that we don’t have to put ourselves into categories. i’m not always moody. i’m not always inspired. i’m not always optimistic. sometimes i’m flakey and sad and scattered. and sometimes i’m centered and very well put together and very, very happy. sometimes i’m all of this on the same day. i’m loving the idea of releasing self expectations – that we can be,and should be, fully whole as a person – and to give ourselves permission to fully feel and embrace the path along the way no matter what emotions arrive.

i love life. i really, really do.

thank you, for the feature today. totally made my day.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Sherry

    Being all of “one” thing all of the time, or trying to be 10 things all the time is tiring and depleting. It’s energy wasted. I’ve had to learn this over and over through life — just when I think “I’ve got it”, I ‘lose’ it and have to remember the lesson.

    sometimes when I’m “quiet” like I have been over the last few weeks it’s a good sign — that there is a revival of spirit and inspiration on it’s way — bigger than I had before.

    I liken it to stretching after exercise. You inhale, and bend to reach your ankles. Exhale as you sit up, inhale again and reach even farther…same with inspiration.

  3. MargaretR

    We should all read your post Kelly, you have said it all for me and I think Carolyn’s reply has hit the nail on the head.

  4. Sharon

    I wanted to let you know that I used the technique you shared in the January CPS to create artwork posted on my blog recently. The thing is, I hardly ever paint faces but I saw all your lovely work and wanted to try it at least once.


  5. Sue B

    Great post Kelly!

  6. j.o.

    I’ve read your site for some time now and I just wanted to tell you that you are inspiring! It’s so neat to look back at old posts and follow your journey as an artist. Thank you for sharing and the beautiful work you bring into the world!

  7. Lina

    It has been so wonderful reading your recent posts, your good vibes and hope for what is to come always inspires me to try try again…thank you from a grateful heart 🙂

  8. Carolyn

    Hi again Kelly!
    I think as women we fool ourselves into thinking that balance is halving all aspects of our life under control, under our full attention, all equally attended to. But if you actually look at a person balancing something you’ll see a lot of back and forth, knee buckling, arms-wide-open wobbly whoa-whoa -WHOA!!! I guess I’m just saying what your friend was reminding you of- that it’s ok to ride out these emotions, whatever they may be.
    It’s so good to read your blog everyday, whether it be a hectic day, a crabby day or an inspired day. Your art and your words are always inspiring to me!

  9. jacki janse van rensburg

    i love what you write, and often i feel the same way. some days i just wish i could just ‘copy’your blog entry, and ‘paste’ it into my blog, as my entry. cause you just write it so well! thank you!

  10. matirose

    HI, I LOVE THIS POST & THE ONE BELOW. THAT’S WHY I’M WRITING IN ALL CAPS:) Just noticed that. Congrats on Urban Baby! Funny write up… the Plastics;) See you soon!

  11. Katrina

    congrats! i can’t wait to see what new artwork comes out of these next few weeks and your renewed inspiration too. and cheers to contradictions and being multifaceted and full of contrasts that somehow make us human, make us whole.


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