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Mar 9, 2008 | Life in Progress

yesterday, i walked up to the farmer’s market because the ginormous and very sweet strawberries were summoning me. it was a typical sunny day here and it had me wondering why i would ever want to leave this place. this place where the ever gorgeous and delicate poppies are wildly joyous. where the sky is the bluest of any sky you’ve ever seen, everyday. where sunshine floods our home with warmth. where the grass is green with speckles of tiny wildflowers. it all has me incredibly smiley as i walk down the street in my white linen shirt, my jeans rolled up, my sandals on, and my camera happy self. i am so drawn to taking photos right now. i want to capture all of this before we move again in a few months. i want to remember the best parts of this place that has caused so much grief. i want to honor what it’s given me: a lot of alone time, a place to find the sacred in the ordinary, artful opportunities, and a retreat of bright and free colors. i suppose i want to capture the sunshine before heading back into the rain that is portland, oregon.

Sending much love,

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  1. Miss Fruitfly

    I love your description of the amazing weather we’re enjoying in Cali. I couldn’t image living anywhere else. BTW great pictures!

  2. Steph

    Oh, I am nursing a VERY tough case of spring fever! Love the photos! We’re still in the 50s here in my part of the Midwest, but we’ve had our first crocus bloom and it gives me hope!

  3. Katrina

    lovely photos. when i clicked on to your blog i noticed the new self-portrait right away and i thought, “i bet she took that after the farmer’s market”. glad you are finding such inspiration in the california sunshine. lovely, lovely.

  4. Deirdre

    Hasn’t the weather been just fabulous? I’m loving it too, all the wildflowers and green hillsides – it’s perfect.

    I’m glad you’re getting some of our very best weather.

  5. pERiWinKle

    Beautiful beautiful poppy photo! xx

  6. Stephanie Lee

    What a wonderful accounting of what you are blessed with! Look at you!!…as bright as that sunshine and blue sky and juicy poppy! I’m certain Portland will brighten a bit once you plant yourself there. 🙂 I will be finding reasons to come visit you! 🙂

  7. Jen Lee

    If it weren’t for your pictures, I’d swear spring was never coming here. I’m trying to savor my allergy-free days while they last, though–at least I have that to be thankful for in this season.

  8. pERiWinKle

    to realise…
    to see…
    to capture…
    to experience…
    to want…
    to appreciate…
    to wish to be somewhere else…
    to feel every emotion…
    is being true to yourself…
    and part of this magical thing we call life! xx

  9. Ladyv

    i’m so glad you are savoring what you love about california.

    i’m visiting portland right now, having 24 more hours to soak up all that i love about this city. it has a way of singing to one’s heart, doesn’t it!

    its so good to learn how to find happiness (or at least contentment!) where ever it is we are at the moment!

  10. Christianne

    great photos, kelly rae! gorgeous!

  11. stef

    you capture the california magic wonderfully!!


  12. maría jesús

    I like your pictures! I wonder if in California the weather is nearly always so nice, it seems a very nice place! We are nearly to see so deep blue skies soon as we are entering spring! Greetings from Spain!

  13. justagirl

    I think your sun is like our sun, almost always surrounded in the bluey blue, that sky should be. Although we are now entering autumn (fall for you) and today the sky is white, like someone forgot to colour it in while we were sleeping.


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