Introducing our first ever holiday line: 
The Peace On Earth Collection

You guys, I’m over here squealing just a tiny bit. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d have a holiday collection. Truth: I never saw myself creating a traditional red/green themed snowmen and santas, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just couldn’t envision my style of work translated into holiday. Until……. 
The good folks at DEMDACO/ Silvestri! radiated ideas with me and gave me some awesome direction. And then I was off into the land of greens, and creams, and golds, and holiday angels and olive branches and doves and sentiment/words that rang true for what I think we all want the holiday season to be about. 

When it was all said and done, we decided to call it The Peace On Earth Collection because many of the formats can be both holiday AND everyday – a beautiful mix of colors and themes.
Please allow me to give you a full tour of all the gorgeous formats. 
I’m just so proud of this collection. All of the products below are available for online purchase at this lovely store (here’s a full view of the entire collection for sale) OR you can head over to our store directory to find a store in your area that sells a significant amount of my products. 

Christmas Figurines!

The holiday figurines. Honestly, they made me tear up when I saw them for the first time. I love the direction of these figurines with simpler texture and color ways. Love, love, love. Add in the honest sentiment, and I’m sold. Hope you love them as much as we do! 
(May you hold the spirit of the season in your heart. Available here)
Can we talk about the amazing map on the Peace & Joy angel? Amazing. She reads, “To every corner of the world: Peace & Joy. And the sweet white dots and olive branch of our Christmas Kindness angel? Swoon. 
Don’t want to commit to the full figurine? Check out these adorable ornaments – they’re the figures, just sized down for really nicely done ornaments. Can I just say hello, cuteness? 

Ornaments, lots of them

Friends, these are 5″ square canvas ornaments, lined with green velvet ribbon. They. Are. FABULOUS. Put them on the tree. Use them as gift wrapping embellishments. Give them as gifts. You will not be disappointed in these. Best seller so far, only $12 each. 
Here they are for easy takin’:

Also a best seller, these adorable blown glass hearts come in a set of three. Embellished with sentiment, metal flowers, ribbon hangers, and a little bit of bling….love these for everyday ornaments and gifts! You can find them all right here. 
It’s a little hard to show the size in this photo, but these are over-sized ornaments – almost 10″ high. They’re double layered art boards with glitter embellishments and large full color art. I love the one on the left that is holding the dove and has the dove on her shoulder. She reads, “seeker of all things peace & joy.”
These are sold in a set of three – perfect for breaking apart the set and gifting individually or for putting on your tree!
Holy cuteness, you guys. This isn’t the best photo, but these are adorable. My heart leapt when it saw them for the first time. They’re tiny, miniature angel ornaments! Look at their rosy cheeks! And the stars on their skirts. And they’re matchstick legs! 
Swoon, big time. An absolute favorite, and also great for everyday gifting as they aren’t obviously holiday themed if you don’t want them to be. In fact, I love the idea of giving these out as New Years angels. These are sold in a set of three – perfect for breaking apart the set and gifting individually or for putting on your tree!
These were a little hard to photograph, but they’re super cool in person. They’re capiz star ornaments, featuring dangling stars and full color art with glitter embellishment. Love the delicacy and shimmer of these against the lights of the tree. 
These are sold in a set of four – perfect for breaking apart the set and gifting individually or for putting on your tree!
Wall Art – velvet lined!!!
Anchoring the entire Peace On Earth Collection, is the gorgeously velvet lined wall art.
You can view just about all of it right here, but let me gush and give you a tour (because I’m still geeking out over how amazing it all turned out)
Sprit of the season is probably my favorite holiday angel wall art piece. I just adore the idea of having some holiday art up on the mantel, or under the tree or mixed in with all the other decor of the season. 

I sort of love that she can be holiday, or everyday. And this canvas is large (great for mantel display), also lined with velvet on the sides. Available here

She reads, “Dear Christmas, thank you for your memories & reminding us what truly matters (love).”
And she’s available here

I just love all the peaceful green. It makes me want to breathe during what can be a stressful time of the year. Christmas Kindness wall art is available here

 Large Christmas Angels! 

She’s a bonafide holiday angel, friends. Complete with metal wings and her very own capiz ornament hanging from her arm. She’s also quite tall at 18″ high – a statement piece for sure. 
And she’s available here.
Aaannnd, she our 2nd bonafide holiday angel! And she’s also an impressive 18″ high – another statement piece!
She’s big and she’s available here. 
Hanging Angels!

We thought we’d add some holiday angels to our growing everyday collection
We’ve got four in the holiday collection and they look especially great in the displayer if I do say so myself 🙂  – could totally see them on the mantel or tabletop or also hanging from their ribbon. 
Here’s what we’ve got (from left to right)
They’re 7″ plates! Food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe! Sold in a set of 4, you could break up the set and gift individually or keep them all to yourself for holiday dining. These would be adorable dessert plates – again, nothing overtly Christmas themed with these plates, so they’d work all year round! 
You can get them here
We made a Music Angel!
You guys, we made a music angel. Isn’t she gorgeous? She plays Fur Elise and she could totally stay out all year long. Really happy with how she turned out. Stunning. She’s like a prize, a really special gift to give or to receive. 
She’s available here
Gold Trimmed Art
These are sweet plaques that you can either hang on the wall or set them up (they come with a peg). What I love about these are the size. If you’re not up for large wall art, then these are nice alternative as they’re 4×6 – look lovely paired together or on their own. 

I especially love the gold trim these have – brings out the festive! 
We’ve got four of these plaques:
Dear Christmas
Whew, the end!
If you made it to the end of this post, thanks so much for celebrating with me. I’m still pinching myself! The team at DEMDACO/ Silvestri! did an amazing job. Can’t thank  them enough for creating such a stunning collection and for holding the vision that we could create a holiday collection in our own little peace-filled way. Big gratitude! 
Again, all of the products above are available for online purchase at this lovely store (here’s a full view of the entire collection for sale) OR you can head over to our store directory to find a store in your area that sells a significant amount of my products. 
Kelly Rae
ps: There were a few other favorite items that I didn’t have good photos for, but that I don’t want you to miss (because they are SO COOL). They include these adorable figurine ornaments (minature version of the resin figures) and these awesome cards that have magnetic artwork that pop out, leaving you a beautiful magnetic frame for a photo! They come with envelopes and everything. Love! 

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