Introducing Spirit Wings, my new painting ecourse!

Aug 12, 2015 | Happy Announcements

Friends, it’s with so much anticipation and fullness in my heart that I offer up my latest painting e-course. You guys have been asking for this for years and I’m so glad, on the cusp of celebrating 10 years of an accidental artist, to offer this up. It feels big and important in my journey, and I hope it inspires yours!

Permission to fly? Granted.

Before I became an artist, I was a clinical medical social worker — I spent my days counseling and helping others through the fights of their lives. It was powerful, important work — but my heart began to grow restless. Until . . . I started playing with paint, at age 30. And everything shifted and changed and opened up. A new way of experiencing, translating, sharing & being in the world was born.

Quite simply, through painting winged girls and angels, I grew my own wings and took flight. That was 10 years ago, and I’m still growing my wings, daily. 

With Spirit Wings, I’ll help you do the same. No painting experience necessary. Just a willingness to open your heart to what becomes possible when you begin to nurture your spirit both in flesh and in paint.



I know that you’ve got dreams and struggles and celebrations and grief and layers and layers of tenderness and hope. So do I. And I know that sometimes, it can feel like all the obstacles in the world are colliding together to derail your beautiful life.

With Spirit Wings, we’re going to do something magical. We’ll create angel paintings specific to your journey. Paintings that will be sacred to your story. Paintings that will hold space. Paintings that will inspire and manifest what’s to come. Paintings that will help you invite what you want more of, less of. Paintings that will honor your celebrations, your grief, your courage, and your abundance.

Not only will there be loads and loads of techniques (face painting, backgrounds, and more!), there will be loads of intention. The angel paintings you create will be your own personal winged guides to inspire you along your path. It will be beautiful.


Here’s how it works: 6 months of goodness

Pacing + Structure:
This course begins Monday, October 5th. Each week, for six months, a new lesson is uploaded (hello, easy pace!). By the end of the course, you will have 6 gorgeous completed paintings, plus all sorts of inspiration and soul work. And did I mention the community of kindreds? Keep reading…


Monthly themes:
Each month, for six months (!), we’ll explore the following themes with audio excerpts, videos, soul work assignments, and of course high-def painting instruction videos where we’ll create an angel painting for each month/theme.

October: Heart Whispers
November: Courage
December: Belonging
January: Sacred Ordinaryness
February: Inner Truth
March: Trust

Week 1:
During the first week of each month, we’ll talk about that month’s theme (see above for themes) and nourish the landscapes of our hearts. I’ll share selected audio excerpts from my best selling book, Taking Flight. Then, via video, I’ll also share my reflections, 10 years later, on all that I’ve learned since I wrote the excerpts. Next up, I’ll give you a couple of soul work assignments to help you tune into your own thoughts, whispers, dreams, and more. Most importantly, I’ll also help you silence the noise, hear your own heart, and create words for your angel painting that we’ll create in weeks two and three.

Weeks 2+ 3:
During the second and third week of each month, we’ll create an angel painting that’s relevant to that month’s theme (Angel of Heart Whispers, Angel of Courage, Angel of Belonging, and so on). We’ll start with creating a gorgeous, layered background, and then move on to a rough sketch of our angel. Next we’ll create her face (each month we’ll use different medium/techniques for face painting). We’ll finish up our paintings during week three of each month by adding wings and other details. Most importantly, we’ll add her words – the words you created in week 1 that are specific to your journey, what you desire, what you want guidance with, what you want to manifest in your life. By the end of week 3 of each month, you’ll have a beautifully painted angel guide who will help lead you along your path.

Week 4:
During the fourth week of each month, we’ll close out the month’s theme with a declaration, a dedication, and closing.


More details:

Top Notch design + functionality: The e-course classroom is a beautifully designed and extremely easy to navigate website all on its own. Once you pay for the course, you’ll have your own specific login and password (that you create), and can login anytime, from anywhere. You’ll have one entire year to access the classroom (6 months of “live” instruction, followed by another 6 months to come back and watch the videos as many times as you’d like).

Professional high-def videos: The painting instruction videos are exquisitely-produced, providing close views of the demo paintings so that you can truly see the details of every technique I share. All in all, there are over 18 (EIGHTEEN!) hours of videos, capturing 6 angel paintings from start to finish. Whoa.

Art Supplies: For each painting, I share every art supply I use, where I get them, and how to use them. For those of you who are like I was not that long ago and feeling confused in the aisles of art stores, this is an extremely valuable part of the course. I love sharing my resources! Also, each month, well before we begin painting, I’ll share which essential supplies you need for each month. This way, you can gradually build up your art supplies as we pace ourselves through the six months together.

Techniques: Over the course of this class, we’ll dive into eons of techniques, both for backgrounds and faces. Each month, we’ll create our angel faces with new mediums (acrylics, oil pastels, oil sticks, gelatos, pens, and more). We’ll also create a variety of background each month using collage papers, stamps, acrylics, and more.


Calling all kindreds
I’m an artist, but I’m also (as one friend cleverly put it) a Connectress. When I bring people together (online or otherwise), big things happen. I can’t explain it – it’s just the power of creative synchronicity. And community.

This e-course will be filled with a beautiful constellation of people. Seekers. Dreamers. Experts. Newbies. Creative souls with big hearts. In addition to interacting in the classroom, we’ll have an ultra supportive private Facebook group where a community of your fellow creatives will offer ongoing support, resources, and inspiration. I’ve taught several online classes, and the community that forms is nothing short of life changing. Come join our tribe!


Say yes!
Let art out, let love in: Please join me for what will be an extraordinary experience. We’ll not only let art out and let love in, but we’ll honor our imperfections and make them beautiful on the canvas. We’ll find our edges, and widen our horizons. We’ll inspire one another. And we’ll create gorgeous painting to help manifest and call in all that is waiting for us. I. Cannot. Wait.

Price: The introductory price of $99 will expire on Sept 1st. After that, price goes up, so register early!

Classroom Access: Once you register and pay for the course, an email will immediately and automatically be sent with your login details and you’ll be able to access the virtual classroom. The first lesson will go “live” on Monday, October 5th when the ecourse officially begins. Once class starts, you’ll be able to access the classroom for an entire year. By paying for the e-course now, you are guaranteeing your spot in a highly anticipated class.

Sales Final: Because of the nature e-courses (once you pay for it, you have access to the classroom), all sales are final.

(The introductory price of $99 will expire on Sept 1st. After that, price goes up, so register early!)

All levels of experience welcome: No painting experience necessary. I’ll be with you, side by side, via high-def video tutorial instruction. I had zero painting experience when I started painting angels, but I learned through practice and time. This course will provide invaluable instruction if you’re new as you continue to find your way. With that said, and if you’re able, I highly suggest taking my other painting e-course, Hello Soul Hello Mantra, as it will give you a wonderful base for creating backgrounds, using all sorts of mixed media techniques, and more.

Facial features: I will not be covering the technical aspects of drawing facial features. If you are looking for detailed instructions on on how to draw realistic faces, with correct proportions in regards to eyes/nose/lips, this class is not for you. As you will see in the class demo videos, my approach is quite untechnical. My faces are whimsical, unrealistic, but always thoughtful and contemplative in their “look”. I will walk you through, step by step, my process of creating faces, but please note there will not be any facial drawing assignments in this class.


Thank you, friends. So many of you have been asking me for this type of painting ecourse for years. I’m so glad, on the cusp of celebrating 10 years of an accidental artist, to offer this up. It feels big and important in my journey, and I hope it inspires yours!

XO, Kelly Rae

Ps: Got questions? See FAQ below!

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have the best community of students ever. Below is a sampling of testimonials from those who have taken my other painting class, Hello Soul Hello Mantras. I’m so grateful for their taking the time to send over a little kindness. You can see more testimonials here.

 “I love this process. I never knew that working with paints could be so much fun. Looking forward to making many more.”

“This is going to be a life changing ride… I can already feel it. Thank you.”

“I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and it feels like it’s going to be a good one.”

“After these past lessons I am BURSTING with new words to inspire!!!!!”

“This class is such a “find” and that is the word I am using in my mantras. I like that it means looking and searching which involves some effort but that it also denotes coming upon something unexpectedly.”

“Having fun unlearning everything I thought I knew.”

“Your prompts have made this heart and soul searching so much more real for me, more heartfelt for sure….thank you so very much. If you were right in front of me, I’d give you a big HUG.”

“I feel like the energy around me is sparkling in 3D!”

“Kelly Rae, you need to add therapist at the end of your titles. This is bliss.”

“I am in witness of some serious tearful joy over here! I can play!! I love this! I mean, I really love this!”

I’ve never taken an on-line class before. Are the classes LIVE? Do I have to be at my computer at a certain time during the day?
You don’t have to be anywhere at any given time to make it to the class. There are no specific times that you need to log in (meaning, nothing will be LIVE at 8pm, 8am, etc.). You can log in whenever you want and have access to the lessons that have been uploaded, beginning on Monday, October 5th. You can log in everyday or every other day or once a week. Either way, the content (and the community) will be ready to greet you!

Once I register for the class, how long will I have access to the lessons?
We recognize that life gets busy! Your login and password will work for a full year. You can come back to the classroom anytime and view the lessons however many times you’d like for an entire year.

Do you offer an installment plan?
We are not currently offering an installment plan for Spirit Wings.

I’d love to gift this class to a loved one. How can I register them for the course?
Shoot us an email at and we’ll make it easy for you.

Will I need high speed internet to access the videos?
Yes, absolutely. All videos are high-def and will require a high speed internet connection. Please note, we will not offer refunds if you are not able to see the videos due to a slow internet connection, so please consider this before purchasing the course.

What kinds of supplies will I need?
This is a mixed-media class, so you’ll definitely need a variety of supplies.  The essentials that are absolutely needed include the following: a few colors of fluid acrylic paints (I like the GOLDEN brand, but any thin acrylic paints will do), a variety of collage papers (mainly scraps of papers you likely have hanging around your house), gel medium, a spray bottle, canvas boards, some mark-making tools that are likely hanging around your house (bubble wrap, jar lids, pens, paper towels), oil pastels, and alphabet stamps.

Sending much love,

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