Introducing The Radiate Sessions: Creative Biz Mentoring!

Feb 14, 2022 | Inspiring Products

UPDATE: All Radiate Sessions have SOLD OUT. Please join the waitlist and learn more right over here. xo


Dear friends,

I’ve held this idea in my heart for many, many years. And I deeply believe now is the time to offer it. If you’ve ever wanted to work with me 1:1, keep reading!

I’ve had the privilege of being a full time artist and creative biz owner for 17 years. I’ve earned hard-won, life-changing lessons through seasons of incredible ease and abundance, as well as seasons of uncertainty and burnout.

I know what it feels like to start from scratch. To feel the thrill of possibility. To nurture my soul’s callings and allow my big dreams to lead the way. I also know what it feels like to be confused by too many ideas / hesitancy / overwhelm. To feel isolated and without a community of other women entrepreneurs. To struggle with self-doubt and confidence.

It is sacred, life-changing work to recognize and distill our unique medicine and nurture it into sacred offerings for the world. We’re not meant to do this work alone.

Are you ready to radiate bright new possibilities for your creative business? And do the work you were put on Earth to do? Let’s do it, together.





Introducing The Radiate Sessions
1:1 mentoring to help your soul-driven business shine.



The Radiate Session mentoring experience is like having your own personal Possibilitarian (me!) in your pocket!


We’ll work closely together, 1:1, for 8-12 glorious weeks. I’ll be your personal strategist, laser-focused mentor, accountability partner, and cheerleader – all while taking your creative business to new, I-had-no-idea-it-could-be-this-awesome levels.

Whether you are years into an established creative business or just starting out, this experience is customized to meet you where you are, and help you get wherever you want to go. By the end of the Radiate Sessions, you and your business will be lit up, shining brighter than ever.

I believe in you.
And your possibilities.



The heart of this offering:

I’ve had the privilege of being an artist and entrepreneur for 17 years. I’ve sold thousands of paintings, created a large and engaged global following, launched highly lucrative digital offerings (ecourses, memberships, etc), licensed tens of millions of dollars of my art worldwide, written and published best-selling books, keynoted at sold out events, created and led life-changing retreats around the world, and so much more. But it wasn’t always like this….

Many years of late nights and unsuccessful attempts, followed by years of explosive growth, brought me to this moment. I know full well how scary and uncertain the entrepreneurial path can be, how hard it is to juggle all the things, how overwhelm sneaks in, how confusion can fog our path. I also know what’s on the other side of all of that uncertainty: Deeply rooted satisfaction that you’re doing the work you were put on Earth to do.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been facilitating Radiate Sessions privately with my fellow creative business friends. Sometimes, we sit knee to knee on my living room couch, sipping a cup of tea. Other times, we huddle up at the back table of a cozy cafe, or on Zoom with our hearts and ideas spilling on the screen. But no matter the venue, each Radiate Session was about the same thing: bringing forth their highly specific and unique creative brilliance.

Are you ready to step deeper into the light of your talent, your creative vision, and your big dreams for your business?


The energy of the Radiate Sessions is electric.


Hearts engage and overflow with optimism. And an enormous thrill rises up when you are powerfully witnessed and showered with ideas (customized just for you!) that will unveil new and exciting possibilities – all while staying aligned with your sacred purpose.

Once I get the feel for someone’s business and their soul’s truest aspirations, I have a proven knack for seeing what is possible for them. Call it what you like – intuition, a superpower, or an uncanny gift – either way, I want to show you what I see.

Because once you see it too, you’ll never look back. Your life and your business will light up.

The Radiate Sessions mentorship program will widen your vision for what’s possible in your creative business, and provide laser focused clarity on the exact next steps needed to make it all happen.


  • You’re at the beginning stages of visioning an exciting new offering / project / business, and you’d love expert help going from idea to done – from mapping out the foundational pieces all the way through a successful launch.
  • You’ve been in business for a while but your growth / motivation / ideas have hit a plateau, and you’re ready to reboot your confidence and creative clarity to inspire your next business moves.
  • You crave an approach that values alignment over hustle and honors your particular pace, season of life, and timeline.
  • You have a tendency to hesitate and procrastinate unless you have support + accountability in place.
  • You know you have more medicine to offer to the world, and you’re ready to amplify your unique sacred genius
  • The thought of being gifted a basket of fresh ideas for new products, services, events, and marketing strategies makes you all kinds of excited!
  • You’d love a direct-line-of-access to my decades of experience, hard-won marketing lessons and the huge bucket of business insights and behind-the-scenes tips.



During our 2-3 months together, we’ll work our way through your top priorities. Bring all your questions. Whisper (or shout!) your big dreams, and we’ll craft a plan for how you can get there.


Here are some specific things I can help you with:


REVENUE STREAM DEVELOPMENT (one my favorite things to do!)
– Get my unfiltered intuition and ideas on new revenue streams for YOU – including passive income ideas (I’m obsessed with passive income!)
– Detailed audit of your current revenue streams. What’s working, what’s not?
– Price your work for abundance and integrity

MARKETING (another fave!)
– From growing your newsletter list to performance based marketing, we’ll strategize new and exciting ways of being in conversation with the exact community you want to be in conversation with.
– Audit your current marketing channels and create new ones that exponentially grow your community
– Integrate your authentic voice into your marketing, making it feel less daunting and more fun

– Plan, create, and launch a new digital offering, whether it’s an e-course, e-book, webinar, membership, or more
– Bring a rough idea of an offering you’d like to produce, and we’ll polish it until it’s super clear and ready for launch. Or come with no ideas, totally open to unearthing something brand new.
– Content creation, curriculum building, sales pages, tech solutions, and more
– Price, launch, and market your offering with ease and joy

– Decide if licensing is right for you
– How to find and contact potential partners + manufacturers
– Pros and cons for hiring a licensing agent, attending licensing shows + more
– Audit your existing licensing programs and identify areas of growth / renewal

– Audit your current branding, including comprehensive strategies and resources to improve and/or develop the look / feel / voice for your creative business so that it feels 100% true and authentic to you
– An overall audit of your current site with a focus on identifying (and correcting) missed opportunities

– We’ll dive into what feels good and what doesn’t feel good about your social media and make a plan that works for YOU – all while maximizing social’s potential (growing your audience, coverting followers into subscribers on your list, authenic growth/engagment, social media launches, and so much more.
– Are you clear that you want to get off social? I can help with that, too. Despite having 100K+ social media followers, I got off all platforms in 2020. My business did not collapse. In fact, it thrived. I can help you transition off of social in a way that feels responsible and exciting.

– Identify your business’ soul mission, its goals, who it wants to serve, how it wants to serve, and more
– Get clear on what’s calling you, why it’s calling you, and how to formulate next steps as you begin to answer the call
– Strategize a business model that maximizes your potential for growth while still aligning with your strongest values

– How to choose between traditional vs self-publishing
– How to find an agent, editor and publisher
– Plan, create, and write a compelling book proposal (and book!)

– Create, plan, and host in-person retreats
– Pitch yourself to be included in other people’s conferences, podcasts, retreats, etc
– Ideation of themes, curriculum development (Opening/closing ceremonies, and other activities)

– Create or grow a thriving wholesale business for your products
– Product development for your wholesale business
– Marketing and product launch development for wholesale

– How to know when it’s time to grow your team, including traditional employees and/or amazing freelancers and consultants
– Create compelling job descriptions and find your dream employees
– Create collaborative ongoing reviews between you and your team

– The self care and work/life balance strategies that keep my business (and you!) alive
– Avoid burnout and what to do if you’re already there
– Create manageable weekly, monthly and quarterly schedules to get your work done without sacrificing wellness




How it works:

  1. When you sign up for The Radiate Session mentoring program, We’ll start with an initial live 90 minute Deep Dive Strategy Session on Zoom. Before this session, I’ll check out your website, social media channels and any other materials that could be relevant to our call. I’ll also give you some detailed worksheets that I’ll ask you to complete and return to me well beforehand, so that once we start our first call, we’re off and running.
  2. Following our initial 90-minute session, we’ll have weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom for 8-12 weeks, depending on how long you’d like to work together.
  3. Sessions will be 45 minutes each, laser focused, and full of value. I will be over-the-top generous with thoughts / ideas / intuition / knowledge. You’ll have clear action items between sessions.
  4. You’ll receive recordings of each session, so you can have them forever.
  5. Investment: $2200/month, minimum 2 months

VIP add-on option:

  1. If you’re craving even more 1:1 support, the VIP option might be a good fit for you!
  2. With this option, you’ll receive all of the above PLUS unlimited individualized support between sessions via email and Voxer (a walkie-talkie messaging app). Need help? Feeling stuck? Want to celebrate a victory? Email or Vox me, and I’ll respond! It’ll be like having your favorite Possibilitarian in your pocket!
  3. Investment: an additional $1000/month



It all starts with scheduling a free exploratory Zoom video call. Bring a general idea of what you need help with, and we’ll see if we’re a good match.

UPDATE: All Radiate Sessions have SOLD OUT. Please join the waitlist and learn more right over here. xo


Sending much love,

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