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Mar 28, 2013 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress


One of my favorite photos of True, ever. His little beaming, proud smile while he stands next to his latest masterpiece. Mama pride, through the roof. Not even sure it’s pride really, but rather I’m just so glad for him, for his happiness.

Collaborating with True is one of my favorite pastimes. The current scene.
True and I have weekly art dates. Super simple, no fuss. We simply gather together at the easel in our dining room, squeeze out the paints, and he GOES FOR IT. I show him a couple things (mainly texture stuff, mark making with his fingers, twirling his paint brush around, stamping paint with a sponge – that sort of thing), and off he goes.
I love studying how he goes about it. What choices he makes – where he chooses to make a mark, what colors he chooses. I make a conscious effort to stay out of his way and not lead him too much. I’m always surprised how he never seems to muddy up his paintings or over do it. He just seems to know when to stop, declaring it done. I find this utterly fascinating to watch.
See what  I mean about the way he spreads his colors and marks around and knowing when it’s complete? He gets a little excited :). We’ve been hanging up his paintings all over the house. I find that if we use washi tape on the walls, it doesn’t rip off the paint and besides, the washi tape is cuuuttte.
He has the best time. Love watching h go for it.
Sometimes he’ll come to the studio and sit at the table and paint there as well. Gosh, he’s getting so big (2.5 years old!).
And other times I find him sitting quietly at his table coloring or drawing – he definitely prefers pens to crayons and markers.


Proudly walking around saying "I'm an artist!" Over and over. Super cute Sunday morning over here.
The other day he finished this watercolor painting and marched with it all around the house exclaiming, “I’m an artist! I’m an artist!” to which John and I confirmed and celebrated. He’s also a storyteller (“Once upon a time there was a purple giraffe….the end!”) and a singer (“Hey Jude, don’t be afraid….) and dancer and lover of reggae music (he has a strange fascination with Bob Marley – he can recognize “reggae” the second he hears the beat and screams “It’s reggae!!!”) and so much more. This kid is awesome.

Our favorite kid art supplies:
Gotta have an easel. We like this one.
Gotta have an apron/smock (long sleeves!). We have several, including this one.
Gotta have FUN paintbrushes that make cool/kid-loving marks, like these.
Gotta have watercolors and paints – we love anything made by Alex (esp their sparkly paint) or Melissa + Doug.

PS: Here’s a quick video of True singing “God Bless America” which seems to be this weeks obsession (last week it was “Hey Jude”). Mimi (my mom) taught him the words…super duper cute.

Sending much love,

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  1. Cowgirlz Spa

    Oh…..nothing like opening my heart chakra first thing in the morning. It heals my internal 2.5 year old just watching how you mother him and create a safe and loving space for him to expand into. An artist on all accounts. May he heal your heart as well. Its never done.

  2. Elvina Dulac

    Oh my…the pic of True sat at your studio desk just melted my heart, he is magic :).

  3. JC

    So sweet! Lucky boy, lucky mama. 🙂

  4. Susan

    All is right in the world when little one sing…thanks for sharing!

  5. Jeanette

    Kelly, He is beyond precious. I've watched his God Bless America a few times and even showed it to my husband – our hearts just melted. It's wonderful to see your hearts overflow with such joy for your wonderful blessing called, True!

  6. Valerie

    So dear. What wonderful moments and so much fun to share. Brings back great memories. Every child in the world should be so loved and nurtured.

  7. Keeping Creativity Alive

    Love how he's watching you demonstrate so intently! THe art they produce at that age is the best! Uninhibited, not aiming to be anything – just about exploring how the paint hits the page and what it does.

    It's wonderful to see how your nurturing his creativity. Thanks for sharing these precious moments!

  8. Jamie R

    So adorbz. My little one is about to turn 11 months and I can't wait to color with her. I gave her a crayon a few nights ago and all she wanted to do was eat it…. Soon though! Just seeing the joy through our kids is what makes it all worth it! Thanks for the beautiful post! (And for acknowledging that I only have about a year until we can bring out the coloring books!!)

  9. Peggy                                                   Houston, TX

    Okay bloggers will post up videos of their kids and they're cute and all but really its the mama being proud. This video is just adorable and I love that your Mom has taught him and really, its pretty darn amazing that he's 2.5 and memorized it. Thanks for posting it – it made me smile. especially the end!

  10. MzAshleyQ

    OMG HIM SINGING!!! That is pretty much the most adorable thing in the history of EVER!

  11. Brittney T.

    OMG! I love the picture where he is standing next to it with his mouth open like he's laughing/screaming with happiness! Totally awesome True! I think i many have to get a little easel for my nephew too!

  12. Daisy Girl's Art Studio

    Aww.. he is just the cutest thing ever!! Thank you for sharing.. It's so fun to be able to watch him grow. 🙂

  13. Erika

    He is so adorable!! I have to tell you that last night I went to sleep after having a rough, tearful day, but today I woke up with hope. I joined the Possibilitarian Tribe this morning and am determined to change my outlook on things. So I just wanted to thank you for always being so encouraging!

  14. Judy in OKC

    What a precious boy! That watercolor shows much talent. At 2 and a half, I think singing God Bless America is amazing. He remembered the words! You guys are so blessed! Happy Easter!

  15. hoopty doopty

    So stinkin' cute! Loved God Bless America. You just can't measure what a blessing he is to you both – it's beyond comprehension, non? Thanks for sharing. Made me smile big. x

  16. jennifer

    He is so adorable! I bet when he grows up he is going to be as super talented as his mom and dad! Love his singing too… He is super smart, bless his heart!

  17. Shahrul Niza

    Ohh, what a young-super talented-handsome-happy-and-he-knows-it artist!!!. I'm so happy just reading this post :). He has a big heart and even a bigger smile. Bless your family with more joy :). HUGS.

  18. Lucy Chen

    Oh he's such an artist!
    My 3-year-old Alan doesn't stay in the paper, he prefers to go further and paint or draw on the tables or walls, too.

  19. Rachel

    Even just reading about this is beautiful! He is precious:)


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