home tour continues! we’ve already done the kitchen, dining room, and living room. today it’s our master bedroom + bath.

when we bought this house, this attic space was bare boned, no insulation, no bathroom. the walls were just a single sheet of plywood, but it had awesome fir floors (that were painted orange) and a great amount of space. we knew immediately we’d remodel it into an open concept master bedroom/bath. here’s what the space looked like prior to the remodel (scroll down to the attic photos). and below is what it looks like today. all photos were taken by andrea jenkins, aka hula.


above is the space that you see when you walk up the stairs to our bedroom. what i love about attic bedrooms is that they feel like forts, like childhood forts. this little alcove is a sweet and small little reading area. the chair belonged to one of john’s great aunts and was passed down to him just recently – he’s got great memories hanging out in this chair as a kid and i’m so happy we’ve got it with us today. it’s low to the ground, super cozy, and it got a fashion face-lift when my mom re-upholstered it with some fun fabric.
painting is one of mati’s originals. orange rug is an older one from pottery barn. if you look closely, you’ll notice some ribbon strands hanging from the white curtain clips. this is a great DIY project and it adds some color to the area.


the low rider dresser was the first piece of furniture i bought when i first moved to portland in 1999. good memories….


candles are placed on top of quilting flowers that i found at a local junk store. not sure if they’re called quilting flowers (?) but essentially they are quilting pieces that were sold separately. they looked like this when i bought them and then i’ve simply placed candles in the center. love!

here’s a view looking toward the alcove at the top of the stairs. the vintage bassinet is no longer there, but i still love that piece (in storage now). the brown wooden dresser on the left belonged to john when we first met. i love it for being with us all of these years. it no longer holds the changing table, but rather a few treasures:


a couple of my fave necklaces by nest pretty things, and a fave photo taken by lara blair.

the two skylights we put in bring a ton of light to this space – likely the brightest space in the entire house. and we are loving all the built-in closet spaces that you see above. orange rug is an older pottery barn rug.


bedspread is an older anthropologie spread. love the colors. the bed is also a pottery barn purchase from a couple of years ago. we were super thankful that the headboard fit in this awkward attic space. and i love a good bed skirt – gotta have them.


this is another built-in that holds more treasures, magazine collection, clock collection and all things turquoise. here’s a closer peek at this area:

love always wins 6x6 beauty

a little love alter is needed in every master bed if i do say so myself. by the way, the love always wins canvas is finally available in my shop!


john surprised me with this lovely dress form + tutu for christmas. i have these awesome visions of john walking around the junk store with this dress form and tutu – makes me chuckle. it’s now one of my favorite things. i’ve been working on dressing her up a bit. in this photo she’s wearing one of my brand new winged hearts!


turquoise + green = love affair.

the other alcove in our bedroom houses the bathroom. we spent a lot of time configuring where to put a full bathroom in this space and we’re really happy with how it turned out.


you can’t really tell in this photo, but on the opposite wall facing the shower is a built-in and another door that opens up to the toilet – here’s a photo if you’re interested.


this bathroom has been a great space to wake up to each morning. nice and bright, cheery, and i still can’t believe we have two sinks. two sinks! his and hers. so cool.


i found this vanity years ago at a gargage sale and painted it white. i feel so proper and girlie having a vanity but i just love it.


and that’s our bedroom space. thanks again to hula for taking the photos. the paint color, by the way is palladium blue by benji moore. i am officially in love with this color. it serene, calming, creative, and happy.

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