We Are Meant for the Miracle of Ushering Ourselves Through with Courage

May 30, 2017 | Life in Progress

It’s been six full months since I started working out. I’m not sure I’ve ever stuck it out this long when it comes to fitness. The truth is is that I’ve been pretty good and conscious of taking care of my heart and spirit and family and business, but not so much when it comes to my body. 

It’s been a slow slow slooooow journey (years) of no longer feeding myself like I fed my teenager self and it’s been an even slower journey of shedding the weight I’ve gained (30 lbs) these last four years.

I believe that we get our lessons when we’re ready to absorb the wisdom. And what I’ve learned these last six months is this: anything requiring major shifts in our beliefs, habits, narrative, and relationships (both with ourselves and others) is a spiritual journey. I didn’t expect the weekly practice of getting my spirit and my body to the gym would be a spiritual practice, but it is.

Our bodies are sacred. The practice of caring for them is sacred. And so. I’ve pushed my limits, and have done something I never thought I could do by making the time and making it happen despite the story in my head insisting there were other higher priorities on the list.

I have lost a solid 15 pounds and I’ve gained a new healthy habit that makes me beam with energy and a major sense of accomplishment (I have never had the experience of working out and losing weight).

Recently, I graduated from my personal training sessions. Truthfully, I’m a bit nervous as I feel like I’m a bit on my own, but I also know I’m ready. Like all hard things, we are meant for the miracle of ushering ourselves through with courage. I cannot thank my trainer (Hi Kori!) and my dearest friend (Hi Lynx!) for nudging me onto this journey.

My goal is to lose the last 10ish pounds my the end of the year. Slow moves, one step at a time. I want not only a strong spirit and heart, but a strong body that is capable and ready, a warrior vessel to help me create and make and do what I’m here to do. A sacred vessel for this sacred life. Xxo

Sending much love,

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  1. Alexis

    Kkr, the idea of making working out a spiritual thing is helpful in mindshift. But I work from home while my kids go to school so there is never enough time in the day. How do I motivate myself? I KNOW all the good that comes from exercise, but can’t seem to get there. Would love to hear how you go over the hump to make it a habit! Thanks!

  2. Catherine Williamson

    I’m working towards the same thing! And yes, Mind, Body and Spirit work best together because they are all part of what makes us, us. I find that I’m in the most prayerful mood right after yoga, when my body has calmed down. That allows my spirit to calm down and feel like I have the time to devote to myself and God.
    We will feel so strong as we towards a much improved Kelly Rae and Catherine:) Hurray for us!!!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Yes! Right there with you!


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